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    DH67CL not booting




      Installed my new DH67CL mobo with i5-2500 today. Alas: it won't boot. When connecting a ASUS P5B Deluxe mobo with Core2Duo E8600 to the power supply, the system boots normally. THE POWER SUPPLY IS OK !


      1. Connected only the bare minimum:

           -one memory module (Kingston KHX1333C9D3B1K2/8G) in bank 1

           -one SATA HDD / also tried one SATA DVD-drive and both HDD and DVD

           -USB mouse

           -USB keyboard

           -no PCI-e Videocard (monitor connected to onboard DVI)

           -2x12 and 2x2 power connected

           -power, reset, power led and HDD led front panel connectors

           -NOTE: I use a Deltatronic passive cooling system case: NO FANS are connected to the fan connectors on the mobo

      2. When connecting the AC mains the mobo led lights up

      3. When pressing the power button the power led lights up and the HDD spins up

      4. The monitor (Philips 244E) screen lights up only to tell me there's no video input. After that the monitor goes to sleep again.

      5. No "start beep" is sounded almost every time you try to boot. I heard this "start beep" once or twice during one ore two boot attempts. Twenty or so tries later the "start beep" don't seem to occur any more.

      6. Pressing the reset button has no effect (eg when connecting SATA DVD-drive it doesn't do a 'refresh').

      7. Pressing the power button for a short time (just "click-clack") does not turn off the power

      8. Pressing the power button for a longer time (about 5 seconds) turns off the power

      9. After removing the one memory module the memory warning beeps (three beeps) sound

      10. Installing a PCIe 16x videocard (HD6850) does not make a difference: no video input to the screen

      11. The chipset heatsink gets quite hot.

      12. The processor doesn't get warm at all

      13. When connected, the videocard doesn't get warm either

      14. Tried all the suggestions in the Quick Reference (check power cables, reset BIOS, re-install processor) and on the Intel site

      15. When trying the HDMI connector in stead of the DVI connector: no video input to the screen

      16. I cannot test the processor in another MoBo, because do not know anyone with a 1155 socket mobo yet.


      I'm running out of ideas and considering returning the mobo. Anyone a suggestion?


      Thanks for your suggestions.


      Kind regards,



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          OK the power supply works ,But does it meet the requirements of the new board , You should realy check the specs .

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            Hi Robert,


            Thanks for your reply. I use a Deltatronic Silentium SPS420W fanless power supply.

            The label states the following:



            U AC~in100 - 240V~50/60 Hz6,5 A
            U DC=OUT+3,3V+5V+12V-12V+5VSb
            I OUT32A32A26A1A2A
            P MAX200Wtotal P OUT MAX:420W



            Most of it is within specs. However: while the label on the PSU just states "+12V / 26A", the DH67CL Technical Product Specification document states "+12V1 16A" AND "+12V2 16A". When adding up the currents at +12V1 and +12V2 you get 32A, Which is more than the 26 A the label states.


            Could this be the source of my issue?


            Of course the first thing I'm going to do is find a beefy PSU that meets the specs and test.


            If you have anything to comment on this: you'r welcome (and others are welcome to do so too, of course....).





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              ...........forgotten to log back in again.....the previous post from guest was from me, HvD.....scusi!

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                Ran into a similar prob. building a set-up with crossfire both cards draw 32 amps , the PSU only put out 26 per card . Got a seasonic gold plus 850 watt sloved the problem.

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                  I have a DH67GD with a core i5 2500, sister of your motherboard in Micro ATX form factor, using the same bios and drivers.

                  My power supply is a Fortron green 400W and I never had problems to start, and for your information the full system draws something within 50 to 150W at mains plug from idle to full load.

                  So I think that PSU is not the issue at least for what concern power, with a low to medium populated system.


                  I got a second card recently and it was with the same 076 bios revision as the first one in january, even if produced recently, so I suspect that yours is also with 076 bios which was not so good about fan control.

                  In any case, after you are capable to start, it should be a good idea to install the latest bios 122 (using F7 method is very good for that).


                  Maybe you can install the original heatsink/fan to provide the motherboard with some activity signal on cpu fan connector.

                  Not sure it can help, but knowing that this bios had problems with fan it may be good to try. I am using this cooler solution.

                  Probably that if you contact Intel support they will ask the same.

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                    It's alive !


                    Brought it to the local computer shop to be tested.

                    They found nothing wrong with the board. When I got home I installed it again......and it boots......

                    Very odd and all. So what was causing it? Bad installation (into the case) by me? I guess we'll never know.


                    Robert and yf38: thanks for your support.



                    Kind regards,



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                      Congrats , Glad you got it up and running.

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                        Sometimes it is due to the main connector not enough firmly engaged. I observed that several times.

                        You need to feel or hear the click of the lock what you probably took better care the second time.

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                          I just made a build with the same motherboard and had a similar issue.

                          It turned out to be an incorrect bios setting for the video output. The beeps are the consequence of that and of course no video output to the monitor.

                          All you have to do is the change the jumper setting for the bios to "configuration" and it takes you to the bios where you can fix it.

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                            frnds i got the similar situation

                            it got same qualities above i show only led light and no beeps are heard at any installation

                            please help me in this regard