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[solved] Intel DP55KG - no boot - the blue death

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I've Intel DP55KG (an extreme series motherboard) (with Intel i5 750+ Kingston DDR3 4 Gb ram).It's an expensive & Hi-profile motherboard. But after long time experience I think it can't perform as it should or it has least features (& reasons to buy) than it's competitor.

First of all when I bought this mobo 'DP55KG',as a proud owner of extreme series board,I aspect little more than average buyer,but I got none.

From the beginning I experienced bugs & erroneous 'drivers & installation disk' and it has no value added features.(I definitely say-mobo which priced 5 or 6  times less than it- has great utilities & tools     eg. backup or clone or recover partition...)


Now from last 1 month I face great difficulties with 'DP55KG'. I'd updated BIOS & what's the reason it can't boot normally. When 'DP55KG' suspended (to S3 level) or powered off unexpectedly or upon it's will it starts with “only blue lights on” (blue light only on motherboard).After the 'blue death' you can do nothing but turn off the main switch & plug off(yeah this is my discovery-that's true that I'd read something like that in some troubleshoot-but sure that not for every time).I've important works to do (& who doesn't) & waiting for half an hour every time after the 'blue death' it's “just great pain”. (now the situation is that when I turn it on I pray for 'no blue light')


I've dual boot Ubuntu Linux 10.10 & Win7 (both 64-bit), I more use Linux & I can say that there are lots of problem,with simple shutdown to suspend the system. Some BIOS updates can't even restart the system,last update can't wake system from sleep.( It's true that the original BIOS tells-when rebooted or shutdown with Linux-that-system is not rebooted or shutdown properly or something like that. Yeah I think extreme boards are not made for Linux!!!??? It's now very hard for me to recommend Intel boards to any friend)


I've done all that I can do to solve the 'blue death' but nothing work. I've changed BIOS from oldest to latest,clean & reassemble the system,check ram but still I've the 'blue death'.


What should I do?

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