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    Intel DP45SG does not boot


      I have built PC with an Intel DP45SG mobo, Q9400 2.66Ghz CPU, 4GB Hynix DDR3 1333 RAM, ASUS 9600GT 1GB Graphics Card, Maxtor 80GB SATA HDD, Seagate 1,5TB HDD, 2x LG GH22 DVD Writers in a Gigabyte GZ-X4 360W Chassis. XP Pro with service pack 3.

      The problem that I have, is that the system refuses to boot normally. I have done a BIOS update, but it doesn't help. The interesting part is that it boots every time that I clear the cmos. Then it works perfectly. It installed all programmes and has no problem when the pc is restarted. The problem is only when the pc is shut down. When you start it, you can hear everything starting up, except that there is only a blank screen. I have swopped the Graphics Card with a Leadtek 9400GT, but the problem remains. I have swopped the RAM and even put in only one chip at a time, still the same problem. I have disconnected the HDD's and even the DVD writers one at a time, still the same problem.

      Can you please assist me.



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