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    dell XPS L702x WiDi NO issue  Push2TV  NETGEAR PTV2000 , works 100%!


      dell XPS L702x

      intel i7 2620M CPU 2.70GHz

      intel Centrino Wireless N1030

      intel WiDi

      nVidia GeForce GT 555M   3GB


      after 4 hourse with dell tech team , could not connect xps L702x via Netgear TVD2000 adapter , LCD TV confirm 4 digi code , WiDi on laptop same , but finaly pop-up screen "update new software" , simply endless loop back ! Connection seems to be 100% Idiot-Proof , plug 'n' play , but in real is opposit (as usually) . Does anyone can help at least with clue what is problem ? Please,no nonsense questions or suggestions as dell (L)user support team , (do you have CD,did you read manuel , do you know how to download drivers,is it pluged properly etc.) .

      Brand new WiDi set of drivers n softwares as dell_preloaded drivers n softwares can not transfer picture to tv screen bottom line , is it issue with drivers or compatibillity ....

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          Shashi Jain

          Sorry to hear about your troubles.


          Can you confirm that the "update software" message appears on the laptop or on the TV?



          Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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            msg is on laptop screen , tv is dummy device in WiDi "Love Storry" am I right ?

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              Shashi Jain

              The TV device shows error messages too. Thanks for clarifying this problem.  I posted these steps in another thread and they may help.  You may consider first doing a system restore point.


              Note: It's very important that you do not run WiDi software or Windows Media Player while performing these steps!


              1.  Download WiDi setup.exe from here and save it.

              2.  Reboot your PC.

              3.  Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the WiDi Folder:

                   Upgrading from WiDi 2.0.x:

                   64-bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Corporation\Intel Wireless Display

                   32-bit - C:\Program Files\Intel Corporation\Intel Wireless Display


                   Upgrading from WiDi 2.1.x:

                   64-bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Corporation\Intel WiDi

                   32-bit - C:\Program Files\Intel Corporation\Intel WiDi


              4. Rename WiDiApp.exe to WiDiApp_old.exe. Close the Windows Explorer.

              5. Run the WiDi setup file.  Note that renaming WiDiApp.exe will trigger a "cleanup" operation in the installer, which should fix the issues observed and prevent them from happening again.


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                thanks  ,

                I did it yesterday , including frash instal 2.1.039 ,64bit,...PROSet 13.4.x.x, but my consern is Graphics driver/software ??Do I need Intel GraphicHD driver ?

                I apply graphic intel driver and new nVidia 275.33( from today) as well ! I follow your procedure but could not go true , TV flicking , progress connection and back to 1st screen . Netgear tech support not responding , maybe .... get other adapter from best buy ??? box does not say anything about firmware , or what so ever ! Let me cool-off for now and do all again tomorrow with other device . i will post result tomorrow thanks a lot

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                  Shashi Jain

                  Very sorry to hear of these troubles.  Just to verify - it appears you have a system with Switchable Graphics usign Optimus?


                  thx, Shashi

                  Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                    at my best knowledge NO ! as I know there is no way - around , or maybe someone get it !


                    nVidia GT 555M no support for Opti as I know

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                      oh well ...

                      I did as you said , frash drivers , my nVidia 555M not suport  optim driver but I am happy with consuption , much better than xps's 1st Gen , so everything done properly , including new netgear tvd 2000 adapter . Connection stable , easy to find n regognize , but new msg,same al all tv's on Sony Bravia , Vizio 46",Samsung 36" ... "Could not obtain network address...etc restart pc" , xps return msg as not connected . By the way intel graphic HD driver could not be instaled , but nicely say you need new WiDi software and directly go to intel download link and take new driver . so , it was just sa seen , small step for for Me ,one giant step for someone else , or what so ever , no picture on tv screen ! Does anyone have solution or idea for pc_ip?

                      thanks , i am on hold

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                        Shashi Jain

                        The specs page indicates that there are Optimus and non-Optimus options. I can see how you can get WiDi running if you have Optimus, which allows switching back to Intel HD 3000 (integrated) graphics. If you don't have Optimus and you can't install Intel graphics drivers, then Intel WiDi won't work.  The reason is that WiDi captures the desktop using the integrated graphics driver. If you can't install/use the driver, then the error messages you're receiving make sense.




                        I was reading through the thread; did WiDi of any version come pre-loaded on your laptop? If so, was it working previously and stop after some change?



                        Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                          een is 3Dthanks for all your help , first of all !

                          my system came with preloaded WiDi, i do not know version , and at very first day i got virus via usenet download , than dell send me full CD/DVD instalation set (W7premiumHome,drivers,etc), I build it up but without intel WiFi n WiDi drivers.dell Guys where real pros helping with WiFi drivers,but whole issues started with nVidia , 'cose tech papers say my screeen is 3D , but it is not , than I ask about WiDi devices , n thay said it is sweet improvement n suppose to be easy plug n play toy ! Last Monday I got adapter , n new Netgear_ache , well Intelmare . Video driver  from nVidia is okay , but Intel GraphicHD could not be loaded , WiDi as you know , so last from xps forum , Optimus not supported on nVidia 555M , power consumption problems solved on 555M .

                          all your hints are good , but last tricks with intel GraphicHD driver & Opti sorry I can not get it , my adapter asking for IP ?!

                          I did a lot of readings about broccoli n networking but video .... please explain how to get optimus if you have time

                          thanks eZyklon


                          link: how to optimus ->  http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/kcs/document?c=us&cs=19&docid=125975&doclang=en&l=en&s=dhs

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                            Shashi Jain

                            Sorry I totally missed the network address message- been a long day.  This usually means that the My WiFi technology on your laptop is somehow not giving an IP address to the adapter.


                            1. Open My Wifi Technology by start menu and putting "My WiFi" in the search block.

                            2. Select "Intel(R) My WiFi Technology"

                            3. See if your Netgear appears in the device list. Is it blocked? if so, right click and select "Allow Device"

                            4. Try WiDi again




                            Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                              I'm having the same problem, however, My WiFi Technology does not show the Netgear adapter (ptv2000). I get "could not obtain network address" when trying to connect Widi.

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                                Shashi Jain

                                Just to clarify- in this situation, the Optimus drivers are not working with Intel WiDi. We're looking into this.



                                Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                                  Shashi Jain

                                  @Mosart The WiDi adapter won't appear in My WiFi technology until it's connected. You'll want to scan for it in the WiDi software.  Please try these remedies:


                                  - Disable, then re-Enable Intel My WiFi technology. Try WiDi

                                  - Ensure that the WiFi is enabled in the Network connections control panel

                                  - Disable, then re-enable the WiFi adapter in the Network connections control panel. Try WiDi.




                                  Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                                    Has this issue been solved now??? Are you still experiencing the same problems??

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