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        Hi guys! I’m still here, lurking, only because I’ve been preoccupied with RMA’s back to Corsair. If you’ll remember several iterations back, my Vengeance RAM modules contained an incorrectly programed SPD profile. Upon receiving the replacement modules I discover the same error and now need to revisit deja-vu all over again. Corsair admits a problem within a group of modules and assures the second replacement set will be inspected before shipped. I still need to get the ball rolling on this!


        After a week and a half, the new AX850 PSU went south, kicking a 15 amp dedicated breaker. Luckily it didn’t fry anything on the way out and good thing I still had the old HX750 to hold me over until the replacement AX850 arrived…when it rains it pours!


        As for the “00” hang, it still remains within its variegated shades of appearance.


        Bgolden, what caught my eye regarding your new successful build up is that you haven’t flashed up the BIOS to the most recent version. The BIOS version present when I first received my board was 603. I was prepared with both USB stick CD to make it current, at the time 0765, before I even installed the operating system, which I did; followed by version 0779 as soon as it was released.


        So, I don’t even know how 603 might have acted! Now, I’m wondering, of all the positive reviews out there about this motherboard, if that too isn’t the case: are the bulk of those positive instances related to boards that contain the original BIOS version 603?


        I know that Intel admonishes not to flash back to an older BIOS versions, but I remember stepping back several versions when a particular BIOS release mangled the onboard LAN on the DX58SO; which was subsequently rectified through new BIOS and LAN driver releases, but I never experienced any, noticeable, detrimental effects from ‘back-flashing’.


        To test the current issue at hand, I wonder if it would be prudent to do this, back-flash to the original 603 BIOS version. With all of the rotten hardware issues I’ve been experiencing, I’m afraid to try it.

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          All drives are hooked up 2 this afternoon and the last one tonight.  Again perfect booting.  In fact the only thing I have had to do is change the boot order as I added drives, which is normal.


          I mentioned that the serial# on the replacment board was similiar to the RMA board.  In fact the serial# is identical except for the last 3 characters.  The RMA board had 20P for the last 3 characters.  The replacement board has 1KU for the last 3 characters.  Even if the serial# uses all possible numbers and characters, the two boards appear to be only about 535 units apart.


          Since the only things I have remaining to hook up are the speakers and a couple of USB devices, I am with you in leaning towards a Bios issue.  I don't know if Intel puts out a list of "fixed" items with each Bios release.  I'll have to check.  So far I have not run into any issues which would warrant "updating" the Bios.

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            there is a user named russ that I have been communicating with in another thread. he has two of these boards one working and one with the 00 hang. the board that he is reporting as working properly is still running the 0603 BIOS. I pointed this thread out to him a while backing hoping to get his input over here but I guess I'll just post it.



            Here's Russ's system thats having the problem,,,


            DX58SO2 MB

            24GB Kingston RAM (6pc., X 4GB, running at 1066MHz in 3 channel mode) Yes,, it's the correct RAM

            I7 950 CPU  (no overclocking)

            LG DVD drive

            C: - boot drive = Samsung 256GB SSD (On SATA port 0, 3Gb/s)

            E: - Secondary drive = Intel X25 160GB SSD (On SATA port 4, 3Gb/s)

            EVGA / Nvidea GTX580 Video card running 2 monitors  (no overclocking)

            Soundblaster XF-i card

            Coolermaster 850W Pro-Gold series power supply (supports PFC)

            Using Coolermaster fans (2pc.) in the case that have the 4-pin connectors instead of the 3-pin. This allows the MB to control fan speed.


            1) No software or boot items are on the E: drive

            2) Removing Sound card or unplugging E: drive makes no difference

            3) Yes! I have the latest BIOS, updates, and drivers, makes no difference

            4) BIOS is set to "AHCI". (IDE or RAID are not correct)


            Here's the problem,,,,

            When I turn the PC on, It cycles the fans to full speed briefly, then cycles them back to lowest speed, then hangs before BIOS boot.

            I can then press the "reset" button and the PC will boot.


            Anyone had this problem??


            Thank you





            AND here is Russ's properly working system,,,

            Here are the specs for the DX58SO2 system that DOES NOT exhibit the "00" BIOS boot hang.

            This system was really quirky when I first set it up but I think most of my problems on this system were with trying to use 6Gb/s SATA.

            One of the guys here on this forum told me to just use 3Gb/s SATA ports, which fixed all those problems.


            DX58SO2 MB

            BIOS version SOX582OJ.86A.0603.2010.117.1506   (An older BIOS version)

            Core I7-950

            MK Power MKX-850W power supply (Claims to be PFC compliant)

            Kingston KVR1333DN9K3/12G memory  (4GB X 3 slots) running at 1067MHz

            Crucial C300 SSD. (CTFDDAC256MAG.1G1) This is a 6GB/s drive but I am running it on a SATA2 (3GB/s) port.

            EVGA GeForce GTS450

            LG DVD





            bgolden you might be on to something with the BIOS although I have not mentioned to him about the serial# yet, maybe its still a batch issue.

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              Hi Swiss_Cheese,

              That is interesting about the original Bios happens to be on the board that works.  I went thru the "fixes" in the various Bios releases and do not see any smoking guns.  I did see there were 2 releases that claimed to fix a Post Hang 2D.  But nothing related to a Post Hang 00.  Still, right now I am thinking a Bios issue, unless we can get Serial# for a number of the boards with issues to be lumped close together indicating a bad batch of boards.  I am curious if there is anyone having the Post Hang 00 issue with the original 0603 Bios.  We need to find a common demominator.  We have guys with goodness knows how may different CPU's, PS, Video Cards, and memory.


              FYI, I finished hooking up all of the other accessories to my box and it booted perfectly.  Now, if it will keep booting perfectly....................

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                I would like to assume that I understand any of this...but I have a question or two of my own after reading through most of these posts.  I just purchased upgrades to my existing box.  Since I'm a newb, please take it easy on me.  :


                i7-960 / 20GBvengeance mem (5x4GB 1600mhz), DDR5 radeon 1GB vid / and the DX58SO2 mb.


                Existing 450w PSU / 2 sata drives / std dvd reader/writer


                Should I be expecting out-of the box problems when installing this?  It seems like this is a wide-spread problem for intel to get this working properly.  If so, I will likely have to take it to a professional for installation/troubleshooting.


                What is the memory installation layout for 5 mem chips on a 6-slot board?  Do they have to be paired?  (told you I don't know much).


                What would you recommend as a power supply for this setup?


                I am going to install Win7 Ultimate 64-bit


                Any adivce is much appreciated.


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                  Hi Todzila,

                  Some of the folks a lot smarter than I, may jump in here and correct me.  But, I believe it is best to have matched sets of 3 memory sticks.  Either go with 3 or 6, but not 5.  In fact for initially starting, I would hold to 3 (in the Blue slots) until you get things set up.


                  The 450 watt power supply might be a little light.  I would go with 700 minimum.  As far a brand, I have had my present PS (PC Power & Cooling 750 watt) for a couple years and I have not looked into power supplies for a while.  You might search some of the enthusiast sites and get a feel for the current good ones.


                  Can you tell me the last 3 characters of your Serial# and what Bios your board has?  The current issues most of us have had may be centered around a bad batch of boards or a bad Bios revision.  If it came with the 0603 Bios, I would NOT update it for a while.  At least not until things get sorted out.


                  I am using Win7 64bit and have not had any issues that I can point to the OS as causing.


                  Good luck and keep us posted.

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                    As I said in a previous post, the BIOS had little bearing on my 00 problem. The board came with a 0603 BIOS, which I only changed after I had noticed the problem. If mine worked well from the word go I'd still be using 0603, because if it aint broken don't fix it.

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                      OK, we have one board that had the Post Hang 00 issue on the 0603 Bios and one that does not.  Either could be an exception on either direction.  Based on this, I agree The Bios may or may not be the culprit.  It  would still be interesting to know the Bios version of other boards with and without this issue.  I agree with if it ain't broke, don't fix it, at least thru the end of the month for work related reasons.  After that, I may change to if it ain't broke, you're not trying hard enough. 


                      After the first of the month, I also want to see if I can get the Corsair Vengeance memory to run at XMP specs.

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                        For anyone interested, I got my relpacement board and have tested it a bit. It has a very differnet serial number and is running BIOS 603. At this point I'd say that it is behaving much the same as the last one, except that it doesn't always hang at 00. By that I mean that instead of just staying at the 00 hang, it will reset and boot normally much of the time. I noticed the problem on the second boot, with the board on a test-bench with just the minimum of hardware. The problem can be reproduced at about the same rate as before. I used the thermal paste supplied by Intel, and applied it as recommended.

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                          DEFINATELY ANSWERED!


                          Obviously the ball is in Intel's court!!!


                          THE QUESTION NOW REMAINS! When is Intel going to step up to the plate and issue a BIOS repair for this problem child of theirs? Either that, or own up to their blunder, recall the DX58SO-2 and issue a revision?

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                            IT would be more likely that Intel would EOL the board , Than go through another RECALL???

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                              Hi amunaor,

                              I received my RMA board  two weeks ago and so far it is performing without issue.  I simply installed the replacement board and went to work.  I left the Bios 0603 and left the drivers alone (the drivers may be for this board or they may be for a different X58 motherboard I was using while the exchange was taking place, I never really looked).  I was busy with month end activities and have been hammering it with data for a solid two weeks.


                              Now that I have time, I may wipe the C: drive and reinstall WIN7 and the proper drivers.  Unless I get a compelling reason otherwise, I am going to leave the BIOS at 0603 and not "update?" it.  I may go back and mess with the Corsair Vengeance 2000mhz memory and see if I can get that to work.


                              So, at least there appears to be hope thru the RMA process.  I know it is a pain, but so is having a board that is acting up.



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                                Hello everyone,


                                Here's my story:


                                I was having problems with my DX58SO2 (unexpected system restarts, especially when leaving the machine on for longer periods, though I had *disabled* sleep in the OS), so I started looking around and read some threads about the Marvell SATA3 controller and went with that. So I downloaded all latest drivers and updated the BIOS to 779. So far so good, but the unexpected restarts continued.


                                I ended up in this thread, and started plowing through, even though I was *not* having the double post/boot, 00 hangs or whatever. Reading about the RAM settings I finally discovered why I wasn't running mine at 1600MHz, so I went ahead and changed the settings in the BIOS and voilá! I had the "pleasure" of experiencing every single wierd behavior described in this long (and painful :P) discussion. Btw, I`m using 6GB Kingston KHX1600C9D3K3 (3x2GB, 1600MHz, 1.65V).


                                And there you have it, I was ready to RMA when the 603 BIOS version topic started to get some attention (with the RMA'd boards and the one that worked from the start). As a last resort, I flashed the BIOS with the original version that came with the board (guess what, 603).


                                Results so far: sleep and hibernate Just Work(tm), reboots and restarts work fine. Mobo startup times (boot screens, POST, etc) seem faster too! The main difference here is: I never had the chance to change my RAM settings to 1600MHz (using the supplied xmp1600 settings, even though some posts here recommended *not* trusting those!) using the original 603 BIOS. I had updated to 779 in hopes of solving a possible problem with the Marvell controller; only then did I start messing around with the memory settings, and all hell broke loose.


                                Now I flashed back to 603 *and* changed my RAM settings to xmp1600 (all supplied numbers match the hardware specs), and everything seems to be working just fine. I'm really hoping everything works now; like many others here, I've also put in much time on this. The hardware is great, no complaints, but the BIOS really seems to be the culprit on this one.


                                And also, many thanks and congrats to everyone that put in so much work on this, and shared! So after having at least something positive so far I thought I'd just add my 2 cents.

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                                  Hi mao and welcome to the forum!


                                  Congratulations on getting your board working as it should.  It is great to hear another success story.  Things were starting to look a little bleak.


                                  It would be great to hear back from you in a couple weeks to make sure all is going well.



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                                    Thanks for the very succinct report mau – CAN YOU HEAR US NOW INTEL!?


                                    I’ve been, hopefully, waiting for that miracle BIOS to appear from Intel on High; every day I check and nothing. After reading your story, I downloaded a copy of BIOS version 0603 onto a flash-stick.  Later, once I have taken care of few other necessities, I too will take my board’s BIOS back to version 0603.


                                    Prior to receipt of the new motherboard, 3 months ago now, I checked and read all of the new Intel releases, I flashed to the most recent BIOS, based on a fix for a noted Marvell issue; and a fix for a noted boot hang at Code 02, I believe it was.


                                    Until I get my Vengeance 24 GB of CMZ24GXM6A1600C9 modules back from Corsair, I’m running the modules I pulled from my DX58SO: 6 GB of TR3X6G1600C8D currently running @ 1067 MHz - Auto.


                                    Thanks very much for taking the time out to share your discovery!


                                    bggolden,  unless Intel releases a fix related specifically to this matter, there obviously is no compelling reason whatsoever to move forward from your successfully operating 0603 BIOS.

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