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    Matrix Storage Manager RAID volume becomes undefined

      I am using a Gigabyte EP35-DS3R motherboard with Intel Matrix Storage Manager ICH9R wRAID5.


      My OS is Fedora 14 Linux.


      When my machine shuts down improperly (it was a power failure this time), my RAID 1 volume of two disks became unusable.  This is the second time this has happened.


      I have lost the ability to boot.  The Intel Matrix Storage Manager screen says:


      ============[ DISK/VOLUME INFORMATION ]==============

      RAID Volumes

      None defined.


      Physical Disks:

      Port Drive Model                   Serial #                   Size        Type/Status(Vol ID)

      0     WDC WD5001ABSYS-0 WD-WCAS.......      465.8GB  Offline Member

      2     WDC WD5001YS-01M   WD-WCANU.....      465.8GB  Unknown Disk


      I have not yet done it this time, but last time, I put one of the disks in a USB drive enclosure, mounted it on another Linux machine, and had no problem reading all the files on the disk.  The data is not corrupted.  I just cannot boot.


      Is there any way to recover the ability to boot off these disks?  I would be fine with discarding RAID and usung just one disk.

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          I found that if I choose option 3 - Reset Disks to Non-RAID, despite the warning that all data on the disk will be lost, the disk becomes a working non-RAID disk.


          Good enough.  No more Matrix Storage Manager RAID for me.  It was the most unreliable thing about my system.

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            I have Intel motherboard ,DRAGONTAIL PEAK, with Intel raid. I configure it to work with raid 1, with third disk as spare.

            Every few days the PC will not boot as the raid disappears. After manual recovery and reassigning the drives, it will work, but will not see the spare drive.

            I stoped using the raid, and will not use Intel raid and Intel motherboard again.

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              I setup 2 disks as Raid-1 using ESRT-2 on intel S3420GPV motherboard.


              - Once a week, the operating system  (windows 2003) froze and I had to do hard reboot. Sometimes, the raid was degraded before windows froze.


              - Sometimes after reboot, the raid said no hard disks found. I reboot again and both disks were founded but booting into Windows failed with blue screen then auto reboot.


              - The machine reboot to blue screen a few times before it shows windows logon screen.


              I will never use intel motherboard and its raid again.