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    GfxUI has stopped working


      Every time I turn on my new Laptop, a window pops and displays: GfxUI has stopped working. How can I fix this issue? Please Help!



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          hi there!


          If you are receiving this error"Your system has recovered from a serious error", please check the following URL for a possible solution.






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            I did go on-line and see what the error message 'GfxUI has stopped working' meant and the feedback was that I needed to update my drivers for my graphics card. I went to the Intel website and used the downloadable tool to search my laptop and find out which card I had and what version of the drivers were installed on my machine. Once this was completed it showed a link to download the latest drivers, which I did...


            Once installed my screen became very dim and I went into the control panel/computer settings and increased the bightness to the maximum, but it made no difference. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64 bit) and you are able to revert back to the previous version of any updates you install on the machine. I hoped that if I uninstalled the latest drivers it would go back to it's original settings and all wouild be good and I would just been stuck with the error message everytime I booted up, but sadly I uninstalled and still have a very dim screen, so I was no better off. I did actually re-install the latest drivers again !!


            I am still unable to right click and open the Intel graphics informations. I sent an email to Intel customer support and received nothing back, not even an acknowledgement of my email, so not impressed at all. I want to find a remedy for my laptop dim screen issue as soon as possible as it is bugging the hell out me.


            My system details are as follows:


            Sony VPCS123FG

            Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

            Intel HD Graphics

            Intel Core i3 CPU M350 @ 2.27Ghz (64 bit)

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              I have the same error. The utility shows I have the most recent version of the driver. Is there another possible solution?

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                Same problem here with a HP elitebook 2540p.  I am running a full network and everyone of my new laptops starting having this problem after two month of no problems.  Possible Windows Update issue?


                Tried HP current Driver and Intel's both didn't help


                Anyone have any suggestions?

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                  I was hoping that Allan @ Intel was going to come back wirth a solution, but sadly nothing. I am disappointed that no-one seems to answer from Intel.....do you think that they are struggling to find a solution to this problem....I hope not.....

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                    I have recommended the customer support article cs-009483 because it mentions that a driver update can help fixing this issue. If the Intel generic driver does not solve the problem, in this case you are required to install motherboard or computer manufacturer's drives.


                    The latest drivers posted by Intel are version for Vista and Win7 and XP







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                      Allan none of your advice helps.








                      I have elitebook 2540p with Win XP on board and when i was trying to run Intel Graphic Control Panel nothing happens, but in processes gfxui.exe starts to take ~25% of CPU load.








                      I tried to scan for viruses, reinstall video drivers (from both HP and Intel), and that’s what helped me:








                      I uninstalled All .NET Frameworks (2.0,3.0,3.5) and installed 2.0 and 3.5 again (3.0 installed with 3.5) after that all starts working









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                        HOW CAN I FIX THIS

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                          So I had 3.5 installed right?  Guess what, it wasn't 'enabled'.


                          Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> "Turn Windows features on or off -> make sure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 is checked. (the sub options don't need to be checked)

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                            you should go to start>then right click on computer>properties>device manager>then update the drivers under display adapter>search automatically for updated driver...

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                              There are two ways to repair GfxUI one is updating to the correct driver and the second way is just reconfiguring the gfxui.exe security permissions settings - one of the two usually fixes this error.

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                                Hi buddy,

                                Watch this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbQoyqywq2k

                                I hope your problem will be solved!

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                                  I have solve the problem with Gfxui stop working , it is a
                                  program called Reimage PC repair for Windows it fix my Gfxui problem and blue
                                  screen it cost $34.95 and it is worth it the site is www.Reimage.com 

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                                    to whom it may concern:


                                      I had the same problem on my Toshiba l505 and in all fairness it could be related to the application of group policy.

                                      however, win 7 64 home premium does not come with the group policy editor.  there are registry hacks to add

                                      the snap in to home premium, but I am not sure whether or not this violates the install eula.


                                      my workaround is as follows:


                                      uninstall net framework 4pointeverything.

                                      using autoruns from sysinternals, uncheck the box for gfxui shell integration.

                                      I don't remember if I had to restart.

                                      after the shell integration has been disabled it will be necessary to invoke the ui from the tray,

                                      which will be a little slow.  afterwards I was able to reinstall net framework 4.0 with no ill effects.

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