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    Mono for the rcks linux image


      Hello everyone,


      My name is Ido Shamay, and I'm a part of the Technion research team.


      Our purpose is to try the DSM model on top of the SCC.


      The DSM project we have is written in C# on top of the .NET framework and we like to run this on the rcks.


      Does someone familiar with Mono version for the rcks linux images ? what are the images like ?


      If someone has better ideas, I would be delighted to hear.





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          The SCC chip is essentially a P54C. This is a Pentium design from 1993. When did .Net and C# startup? ... 2000+ I think.I have my doubts on whether you could bring up Mono on the SCC. I'm pretty sure you can't do this with our default SCC Linux, but that's not to say it's not possible with some customization.


          I have been able to use Visual Studio on a Win 7 PC and create an executable that runs on the cores. I think you'd stand a better chance running Mono on the MCPC, analagous to how we now run the cross compilers, and then loading an executable on the cores. Woudl this be a possibility for you?