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    DP55WG E7 'Waiting on user input'




      I have setup & installed my machine for Win7Pro 64 recently. Updated the BIOS and ensured all drivers are up to date. However since moving the machine to another place it will now freeze during post - Error 'E7 - waiting on user input'. The only thing plugged into the machine are USB mouse and keyboard (The original ones used to setup the machine). Nothing has changed. I have tried to re-flash the BIOS without success.


      Has anyone experience & overcome the E7 error before?



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          Hello;  It is possible that a particular device is preventing the system from accessing the operating system .   For testing purposes, please uninstall all devices except for the CPU,  minimum amount of system memory and the video card.  Remove the USB keyboard, mouse, hard drive ,front panel, optical unit and test the system with the minimal configuration  If the issue is resolved, then proceed to add one device at a time with subsequent reboots to determine, which device is causing the problem.

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            I have the same problem but the above fix will not work for me! What should I do? It's so frustrating