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        So upon closer inspection it seems there's been a problem with one of the legs of the heatsync from day one. However after some time I was able to force some things and bend a bit of plastic back so that the locking mechanism works properly.


        A new coat of thermal grease and I'm now running at a cool 50 - 60 degrees in CIV 5.


        Thanks a lot for all the help, really couldn't have fixed it otherwise.

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          You are welcome sir, and I hope you don't feel to bad, after all this was your first build and experience cannot be gained without paying your dues.  I am sure we all have our first build stories, I do, and the result of my ignorance was far worse than yours.  With simply a few keystrokes I turned a new motherboard into a worthless, unrecoverable, piece of circuitry.  I later learned that this potential "issue" was acknowledged by the manufacture and fixed with a BIOS update, but the earlier BIOS combined with user stupidity rendered the board unrecoverable.


          The Intel CPU coolers with push pins remain a controversial topic among PC enthusiasts.  There are no doubt millions of PCs in the world that use them and they work fine.  Among the intentions of the push pins is to simplify installation and not require the removal of the motherboard to install a backplate to hold the cooler in place.  That would not be necessary in a new build, but this design is also tool-less and has zero screws or other small parts to deal with or lose.  Regardless, the universal pictogram installation instructions obviously does not get the message across for some users.  Of course, nothing is perfect.


          I also do not believe that your CPU coolers fan is malfunctioning.  It turns out that the fans speed control is not simply dependent on the CPU temperature.  You can read about this in the document below, which is written for engineers rather than lay people, but the general ideas can be discerned with a little attention.  Sections 6 and 7 specifically.




          Basically, Intel engineers are trying to reduce fan noise levels (via reduction in speed) by taking into account the temperature of the air coming into the CPU cooler from the PC case, which is dependent on the ambient (room) air temperature and the likely increase of that within the case.  Given a maximum ambient temperature of the PCs environment, and that the CPU cooler must be adequate in that environment (plus the rise in temp within the case), the CPU coolers fan speed can be reduced when the air temperature at the fan is lower than that worst case value.


          Or put simply, with fan speed control enabled, the fan will not run at full speed until room temperature is 35C/95F.

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            After all this the only thing I can say is




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              Weel done!!!! and enjoy your system and CIV 5!!!!

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                About 8 months ago i purchased a system with the following specs:


                Operating System- Windows 7 64bit, ultimate
                Processor - Intel (R) core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz
                RAM - 8gig DDR3
                Graphics Card - Nvidia GTX460
                Harddrive - 1TB sata
                Monitor - 24inch samsung B2430H - runs the game at 1900x1200


                I am happy with my computer and runs fairly quick but im having a major temperature issue. The computer when idle runs at around 50 degrees and when im watching movies, browsing the net and running programs the computer is running at 70 degrees with a 4% cpu usage and 20% ram usage.


                Now my issue comes when installing a program or playing a game, without fail within ten minutes both my cores run at 105 degrees even if the game is modest graphics wise and the cpu and ram usage go to 100%. So my first ten minutes of gaming are fantastic and then my computer just slows down. The funny thing is i get no heat increase when watching videos which could indicate the graphics card is the issue.


                Now im wondering is the issue my graphics card or my cpu?.
                What can i do to reduce the temperature?, (ive already moved the system to a well ventilated area and have ordered a artic cooling freezer 7 and artic silver thermal paste)


                Thankyou for taking the time to read through my long post, any feedback would be appreciated.

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                  Amar,  There are several things that are odd IMO, given your statements about CPU usage and temps during certain scenarios, which are:


                  CPU and RAM usage going to 100% during gaming or just installing a program.  What are you using to monitor those things?  Given you have a good video card, which should be doing the vast majority of work during gaming, those CPU and RAM usage figures don't make sense.  It seems as if your video card is not doing its job, as if it is not being used.  Do you have any idea what mother board you have?  Where is your monitor cable connected on the PC?  On the I/O panel with the USB and network cable connections, or down lower where the graphics card is located?


                  Your CPU temps while Internet browsing are rather high.  Your CPU cooler may not be mounted correctly, or became loose for some reason.  Your new cooler should help with your CPU temps.


                  There is a huge difference between gaming and watching videos regarding stress to the video system, gaming is much more stressful so lower temps when watching videos is normal.


                  The number of fans in your PCs case makes a big difference in component temperatures.  How many do you have and what size are they?  YOu may e able to adjust their speed in the BIOS or with a program.


                  There are several adjustments that can be made in your PCs BIOS (hopefully, all BIOS are not equal) to keep your CPU cooler.  Have you ever checked the settings?  Look for EIST or "Speed Step" being enabled, or C State.


                  Get back to us with answers to the questions and we can continue from there.

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                    Hey, thank you for your feedback, ill try to answer everything:


                    I'm using the windows desktop gadget to monitor ram and cpu usage.


                    I've just installed MSI afterburner and found out that my GPU fan speed was set to 0% now that I have set it to 50% my games no longer cause such a high cpu and ram usage according to the windows gadget and that's what was causing the 105 degrees in both cores. With the fan turned on the windows gadget shows that I'm using 33% cpu and 26% ram.  Now that the GPU fan has been turned on gaming feels smooth and even though the system is running hot according to core temp(around 95 degrees) I feel no stuttering anymore. Turning on the fan has allowed me to play games without my computer shutting down. Now I have done this I believe that my cpu fan is not possibly running at full capacity so I'll try to fix this with this BIOS.


                    The system I have built is my first one and I believe that the cpu cooler is not fitted properly so when my new cooling arrives I will make sure it's all connected properly. I have a HAF cooler master 932 and I've only got the two standard fans one at the front and the other at the back. My monitor is connected to the GPU and I have an Asus motherboard.

                    I've just downloaded speed fan and here are the results when computer is in moderate use: (all in degrees)

                    GPU - 27
                    System 36
                    CPU - 71
                    Aux - 85
                    HD0 - 30
                    Core 0 - 69
                    Core 1 - 70

                    Also some fan information:

                    sys fan 0RPM
                    CPU Fan 2010 RPM
                    Aux Fan - 0RPM

                    Seems like the AUX is running hot with no fan but I have no idea what this is, Can anything be gathered from this?.

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                      Well, things have improved temperature and CPU usage wise, but we're not done yet.


                      The "Aux" temp is that of your PCH, Platform Controller Hub, very generically speaking your Northbridge chip, although you have no separate Southbridge, the two have been integrated into one, a PCH.  It's temp is rather high but inside it's operational range, although I don't know which one it is; H55, H57, P55, or Q57, but not essential knowledge, but would simply your mother board identification.


                      Frankly I was stunned to learn your GPU fan was not running, you're lucky the card is not dead.  It should have automatic fan control IMO, varied by temperature, and should need no basic intervention from the user.  If that can be enabled, do so, all my EVGA video cards have automatic fan speed control, although it can be adjusted.  If it's at 95C, you need more fan speed.


                      Your CPU fan control should be "PWM" or Auto in the BIOS.  ASUS mother boards have fan control software supplied with them, check if it's been installed on your PC, or download and install in from ASUS or the disk that came with the board.  Run it and get it configured!


                      The names displayed by Speed Fan for the component temperatures are fairly accurate, although System is likely the mother board and Aux is the PCH.  But the names for the fan speeds are most likely those used by the mother board, and are not necessarily related to actual components, except for the CPU of course.  Very few PCH (Aux) chips have fans mounted on them from the factory, I doubt if you have one.


                      Your CM HAF 932 is a good case.  Fan speeds can only be measured for fans connected to the mother board by Speed Fan.  The two fans in your case are probably directly connected to the power supply, so they won't be detected by Speed Fan.


                      It's odd that your HAF 932 has only two fans, those sold in the US should have four or maybe three at least.  Don't you have a side fan?  The usual HAF 932 fans are three 230mm fans and one 140mm fan.  Plenty to keep a PC cool, maybe CM cases are different in other countries, are you in the US?  Here is a standard HAF 932, check the details.



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