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    S1200BTLC - No Display after updating to latest FW package


      Did anyone encountered a similar problem with the S1200BTLC?


      Before updating the BIOS and FW, this machine was still working fine aside from the fact that the fan rev is high.

      Run the update normally and after doing a required reboot, it gave a no display.

      Package used : S1200BTL_SUP_EFI_BIOS22_BMC_01_04_FRUSDR_11.zip


      CPU fan and System Rear fan are both spinning.


      Symptom encountered after update :

      - no display

      - chassis rear fan spinning

      - cpu fan spinning

      - general system fault LED is flashing amber.


      CMOS Clear tried but did not help


      have not done force updates for iBMC and ME and also BIOS recovery.

      -- any one agree/disagree that its worth a shot?


      Any other suggestions or input are welcome