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    Corrupted or Missing Driver - Code 39 : IDT High Definition Audio CODEC




      I recently assembled a new computer and tested Windows 7 Ultimate N for a about 10 days and everything worked fine. Later i purchased a license copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (Not N) and made a clean install formatting everything. But after installing my IDT High Definition Audio CODEC stopped working and every application using sound output seized to work. Was able to get basic windows explorer and internet explorer by disabling all windows sounds. Tried disabling all my addon hardwares like GPU's, TV Tuner, Bluetooth and reinstalled IDT drivers couple of times, but still same error in device manager "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)". I even reinstalled Windows 7 but still in vain. I do not have access to any other versions of windows 7, Vista or XP to test at the moment. But i dont think its a OS related problem


      My Basic system info as below:


      Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.100226-1909)
      System Model: DP45SG
      BIOS: BIOS Date: 02/08/08 17:50:03 Ver: 08.00.10
      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q8400  @ 2.66GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
      Memory: 4096MB RAM
      DirectX Version: DirectX 11
      Video Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT
      DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
      Dedicated Video Memory: 1007 MB
      Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW


      I dont understand much of technical things but please let me know all possible troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.



      Thanks & Regards,


      Anurag G.

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          See if this link can update the drivers:



          Have you tried the latest audio driver from the web?


          Try to update the board bios to the latest version.



          Installation Method:



          Let us know how it goes.


          All the best,


          Kind Regards,


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            Hi Rajiv,


            Thanks for your prompt reply. I have update all my devices to latest drivers except for BIOS, i'm very sceptical about touching the BIOS as i had a very bad experience with my old board while updating the BIOS and the board going complete dead. And its a brand new board, just 15 days old, everything is new and it all started after re-installing from Windows 7 Ultimate N edition to normal Windows 7 Ultimate. Do you think its a BIOS problem. I will update the BIOS if you think it might be the cause of the problem.



            Thanks & Regards,


            Anurag G.

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              Hello Anurag,


              If i were you, i would definitely update the bios as there has been load of fixes since the one that your board has got.


              It may not fix your problem but i am sure that the latest bios would be much more stable, if not with the latest at least with the one that were recently developed. One more thing, i would imagine that you should still have a 30 days return policy from your reseller. If you want, you can take it to them to do the update for you.


              There is a link which explains to you clearly how to update the bios.



              It has some video also, watch it and try to update the bios.


              The method which is most of the time reliable is Recovery Method, then Iflash/ISO method.


              Let me know if you need any help on this.


              All the best,


              Kind Regards,


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                Hi Rajeev,


                I dont know why but i just formatted and installed windows XP Pro SP3 trial from my friends MSDN account and my system was running fine with audio drivers running perfectly, i didnt bother to test much on XP but then i reinstalled windows 7 Ultimate and the drivers worked fine too except that when ever there is a loud sound in any application like windows media player or any music playback or any kind of high sound from any application, the sound just starts chopping and clipping and finally there is no sound output after sometime. You can see the green bar moving in when i click on the audio icon in taskbar but there is no sound. Have to restart to get the sound back but same thing happens if the volume of any song or movie playback is high. I uninstalled the IDT drivers and installed the default drivers in windows 7 "High Definition Audio Device"  The audio works fine now with windows drivers, except there is no IDT and Dolby control centre. This is weird. Is the device drivers not supported for Windows 7..?  





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                  Intel MB DG45ID

                  Windows 7 64 bit OS

                  I cannot use the onboard sound. I've tried every options (update to different BIOS), I've tried the IDT High Def Audio Drivers (both v178 and 182). I tried using the Microsoft HD Audio with no success. I've enabled and/or disabled about every onboard option/feature in an attempt to identify the problem, with no luck.The Onboard Audio will only recognize the S/PDIF as the default audio output. The speakers output are indicated as not being plugged in (but they are).

                  Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated since I cannot listen to any music (unless I go SPDIF). Thanks --David

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                    While Installing Windows 7 Ultimate first Reset the Bios , Then Install Windows 7 ultimate in 32 Bit Mode, Then Install Visual Basic 2010 Ans SQL 2008 R2,

                    After That if you install the Intel Board Driver , Then You install The IDT Audio Driver , Do Not Install DTS Software , it is the major problem in it It works With Some error, You Can Hear the Audio In Low Volume, But not in High Volume.

                    You keep in ming after installin of the above and your drive you Go For Antivirus installation, Then You can hear SOumd.

                    Avoid Using Power DVD  For Seing Movies , Reason is It is making some work Problems in This Board which We have Sensed During its operation.

                    Never Connect Both Back And Front Pannel With Speakers and Head phones at hte same time , You may use it At seperate time.

                    Thank you.

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                      I have a problem with my display Adapter, with the "Mobile intel(R) 4 Series express chipset family". The problem is this: when i try to update it, it first goes fine and all, but then it asks to restart the computer, when i do that the resolution goes all bad (not being able to rise the resolution higher than 1280 x 720(which is not normal)). Before the restrat everything is alright (almost). after i've updated the display adapter, i go and check it's ("Mobile intel(R) 4 Series express chipset family") condition from the Device Management and it says that error (Corrupted or missing driver - code 39) no matter if the computer is restarted or not.


                      Tell me if you need to know any information concerning about this problem. i'd like to know the solution for this problem.

                      Please help ASAP. Thanks in advance