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        I doubt there's any use for XMP profiles at 1066MHz; the SPD is enough.


        I should note that when I was having issues, playing around with voltages did absolutely nothing for the issues - even huge increases wouldn't allow minor tweaks to work.

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          I haven't been able to reproduce my problem since I went with all manual settings. I tried defaults again, (not custom defaults) and in the real time monitoring section of BIOS I have the same high vcore. After reseting defaults it was reallly hard to start. I thought I would be able to leave nearly everything on "auto" and it would work, however I no longer trust the auto settings. A BIOS limitation/problem?


          I would suggest checking all the voltages you are running for anomalies if you haven't already. Like was the case for Sunfox, it may not help but out of interest I'd like to know what the cpu voltage displayed in BIOS real time monitoring is.


          A few years ago I had a mainboard that behaved similarly. After I had been using it for about a year a bios update was made available that resoved the issue for me.

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            After migrating over from the DX58SO to Version 2, I’ve been experiencing the exact same symptoms you describe, very sporadic and unpredictable.

            After reading through your post, elated that you had possibly slain the “00” gremlin with a set of Corsair Vengeance sticks, I ordered up a set for myself. Right now I have 6-GB’s of Dominators: TR3X6G1600C8D tied my upgrade:  i7-970/DX58SO2, previously the:  i7-920/DS58SO combo. Although the modules ran fine at both XMP and Auto settings on the i7-920/DX58SO combo, I kept the setting on Auto because of the 1.65 voltage concern, then and now. I'm wondering if with with Turbo-Boost enabled, weather XMP might not be necessary?


            I’m not into overclocked, gaming that requires a truckload of dry-ice parked next to my window, pumping coolant over sizzling hot chips, just looking for quality stable components for image editing.


            Personally, I’d send the Crucial sticks back. No sense in having more than one headache simultaneously!  Plus, it seems the Vengeance sticks provide more spacious headroom, all at the prerequisite 1.5 volts.


            I’m curious! When you had the Vengeance modules installed, did you ever experiment with enabling the XMP profile; is this how you arrived at the timings you posted?


            Thanks for your very insightful elaboration.

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              These particular board/processor combos make no sense to me either! Why do the Intel engineers push a flashy hot, Lamborghini, chassis, advertized great capacity, while providing only a selection of lawnmower engines with diminished capacity?


              BTW...New BIOS issued for DX58SO2: Version 0779. No mention of the hang at "00" but there's a slew of other issues that have been addressed, including

              where fans run at full speed when coming out of S3/S4/S5:



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                Hi, anumao

                Yes I did experiment with the XMP, I never tried running over the 1600MHz that my RAM was spec'ed out for though, and yes that is how I derived the timing and voltages but it seems there is more then one profile out there for XMP. I don't know enough about them yet to explain why. also to the best of my knowledge Turbo-Boost is for the CPU, XMP is for the RAM and the only things I saw in the extreme memory profiles that might effect the CPU where the changes in the Uncore multiplier and the Uncore voltage. I've been giving myself a crash course in these subjects because I'm new to this architecture. Now the reason I wanted to mess with the 1066MHz RAM instead of returning it was because Tech support told me my 1600MHz ram wasn't the supported RAM they said they would RMA a new board but I was assured that if I installed the same parts on that board that I would have the same exact problem. So before I tried returning the board I decided to try the spec RAM. while waiting for it to arive I experimented with the Vengeance RAM and got rid of my boot issue. But, I still wanted to see if the 1066MHz would work. it's been in the machine for 2 days now. I downloaded the data sheet for it and have tried about 15 different combos of timing and voltage, I noted all the changes so I wouldn't try the same one twice, since I had to wait two hours in between power ups. I have not been able to get the Crucial PC8500 1066MHz 6GB DDR3 Triple Channel RAM to work without the boot issue sofar. it ran CAS 7 no problem at all, the system and programs all ran fine on it, no stability problems just the boot issue. anumaor, I also did this testing (instead of just returning everything) because I thought maybe through trial ,error and other users experiences we could maybe resolve this issue or find some way to work around it. and that did work! it was something that Sunfox said that caused me to try what I tried and now we know of a RAM and profile that doesn't have a boot problem. I'm also trying some things based on the most recent comments evwrt made, and now because of you I'm going to take a look at this BIO's update before I try and mess with the waking computer issues( I wasn't seeing the same wake issues you and Sunfox were reporting). thank you BTW for mentioning the BIO's update, I would probably not have checked for a BIO's update so soon before attempting to mess with the waking issues. I still have 10 more days before I can't return my DX58SO2 for my money back. so I'm going to try all I can and hopefully we can get the issues fixed. I won't complain about this board because I've tried an Asus it had some real quality issues and come to find out a lot of people are seeing that now. I have a friend that I talk with often that has an EVGA board and he's having SATA issues Marvell of course, both the brands I mentioned were socket 1366. with the Intel Board you have more SATA options and the USB 3.0 seems to work. so it seems that all the manufactures are having very similar issues and I feel like my Intel board while also having some issues is at least a quality board, I think its in Intel's best interest to support there products and customers, and I think they know it. I intend to keep trying to get my system 100% and I'm going to keep posting and asking for INFO its helped me a lot already and hopefully will help everyone else. I'm interested to see if the Vengence RAM will work for you, of course if you update the BIO's before trying it we won't realy know for sure.

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                  Without incident, I’ve already performed the BIOS update on mine, via USB stick and F7. My Vengeance modules won’t be here until Monday, all 24 GBs - CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 - which the DX58SO2 board is spec’d to support. I’ve wanted to increase RAM capacity ever since my DX58SO daze. Now seems to be the opportune moment. With this tuned set, if for some reason, the board balks at the full 24 GBs, I can back it down to 12 GBs and try that.


                  I don’t understand why Intel even bothers with the Marvell controllers. I had so much trouble with the Marvell eSATA II connectors on the back that I wound up disabling them in the BIOS. The Marvelous internal ‘Blue’ SATA III connectors, ACHI mode, would lose any SATA III, System disks attached to them if powered down for more than one or two hours. Scrapped that pursuit, but I think there might be a remedy implemented for that within the last BIOS release: version 0779. Anyway, that’s another chapter.


                  Meanwhile, as I await the arrival of my Vengeance modules, I’ll try a few cold boots and wakes from system induced S3 and see if the infamous “00” hang still appears...

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                    I'm having some serious issues with the new BIO's update 0779. among other things I can't seem to run the Extreme Memory Profiles at all. I've also noticed some new options in the BIO's relative to the Memory Timing tCWL for one and there are no entries for this in the Extreme Tuning Utility. If i try to run the XMP profile it will not allow it and reverts back to the default profile 1066MHz. I thought that the new tCWL entry was causing the issue, so being unfamiliar with that setting I looked it up. By default it was set to 6 but the info I found on it suggested that for 1600MHz it should be set to 8. I had to set the profile up in the BIO's because the XTU didn't have all the entries I needed to set the profile there. even after setting it in the BIO's and saving I got the red LED flash during boot telling me it wasn't going to accept the settings and it forced me to accept the default settings of 1066MHz again. anyway it's 2:30 AM I was hoping to get to sleep early tonight but that went out the window at 10pm when I installed this BIO's update. Not looking good at this point I'll try again later Hope you all are having better Luck.

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                      So far my rig seems to be stable, fingers crossed behind back. I still have my USB devices disconnected. I did swap the DVI connection back to DisplayPort and reconnected my three Intel RAID-5 disks yesterday.  Allowed system to initiate sleep a couple of times and powered down completely, including power supply switch; awoke from system induced sleep with the shake of the mouse and booted from complete power down without incident. Left rig powered down completely overnight, booted up today, again, without "00" incident.


                      After mulling over your post, I decided to check to see if I would experience similar problems engaging the XMP profile…which modules - TR3X6G1600C8D - are still running at default (Auto) setting: 1067. After selecting XMP, the system had no trouble rebooting and retaining the XMP profile. Concerned about the 1.65 voltages’ these chips need and the new, expensive, processor, I reentered BIOS and reset the parameters back to Auto.


                      I don’t have the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility installed. I had trouble with previous iterations of this tool, so I never much liked it. And, in my opinion, it could be playing a factor in not allowing the BIOS to retain the XMP profile. You may want to try uninstalling the Utility, launch into your BIOS, note the configuration settings you have changed from default, especially if any RAID disks are involved, hit  F9 to set the BIOS back to its default settings, then re-adjust your personal disk settings back to what you had, along with anything else you might have changed from default. Then, try again to apply the XMP profile and see if it will stick. If it does, you might have second thoughts about reinstalling the Tuning Utility. If you do reinstall, it should work properly, but you might need to go through this mad process each time you reflash the BIOS.


                      If the above should fail in allowing the XMP profile to stick, with the Desktop Utility still uninstalled, try reflashing the BIOS from the flash utility installed on a USB stick and reboot. In order to access this, you'll need to hit F7, when F2 BIOS access prompt appears. After completion, enter BIOS and again, go through the F9 sequence mentioned above.


                      Hope this helps and good luck.

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                        Amunaor, Thank you for your insight, the "Extreme Tuning Utility" did in fact appear to be the culprit. after removing it I was able to run and retain the XMP profile and no more red LED at boot. I'm a bit put off by this though, because I really liked it as a monitoring tool if nothing else, and the fan controls were very handy. It was working great until this last BIO's update. I'm going to test the cold start now and I'll also have my Fingers X for that.

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                          Good to hear that!!


                          Well, sad to say, but the infamous “00” hang from a cold boot power up is still here. I had my rig powered down for a couple of hours while a storm passed through. After which, I switched the power supply on and hit the ON button. There it was, stuck on the big “00” with fans blazing. Hit the reset button and it cycled through Post as it should. What a disappointment!


                          Hope you’re having better luck! Hopefully the Vengeance modules, due to arrive on Monday, will turn this thing around for me!

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                            You must live very close, I'm in Maryland we had the same type of storm. I am extremely happy to report that I have had with my Vengeance RAM installed and running once again at 1600MHz two successful cold starts without incident each at least 2 hours apart. and Im going to continue to test it till Monday. I never was able to get the computer to boot right with the 1066MHz RAM or with the 1600MHz RAM running at 1066MHz. I do have a concern for you though I looked your RAM up yesterday and its a different CAS. It's CAS 9 I hope that's not going to make a difference for it. I'm running CAS 8 on a CAS 8 Profile. I'm Extremely interested in the out come, because I do a great deal of Graphics related work and while I would be happy with 12GB of Vengeance RAM I would be much happier with 24 : ) . I've still got my fingers X


                            As for the waking up issue I never experienced what you and Sunfox and several others have reported, after I fixed my boot issue I started testing and among those tests was letting the computer hibernate to see if it would boot properly upon waking and it would boot back up and take me to the OS and i could run all kinds of render tests. But during that testing I started to play with the fan controls Dynamic settings because I noticed my CPU was running alittle hotter during longer renders (I'm using the default Intel heatsync for now). I increased the idle speed to 30% making it run about 1115 RPM its default setting ran at 20% at 1020 RPM. my system temp idles around 35C I have my fans set to increase speed at 45C increasing speed to reach 100% at 65C. this all works great, Until.. I let the computer hibernate and wake. as I said the computer wakes up and reboots and windows resumes. all previously running programs that I had open resume as well, and are in a stable condition. since I had XTU open while testing I noticed that my Fan speed settings did not return to the set 30% 1115 RPM, instead it would default back to the 20% 1020 RPM and I would no longer have control over the fan speeds from within XTU. when I rendered an Image the CPU would get as hot as 60C but the fans wouldn't ramp up. they were stuck at 1020 RPM, I did notice that the system default for static fan seed was 20% 1020 RPM , thinking that maybe the dynamic fan speed control was crashing or failing to wake with the rest of the system i decided to turn the default static control to 30% also. but even after setting it and rebooting then letting the system go to hibernate and wake after two hours, when it woke it would still default back to the 20% 1020 RPM and the only way to get it to adjust was to reboot.


                            But wait there's more...

                            I also noticed that my LAN connection was slow to wake up, the computer could be up and running for as much as 2 min. and the LAN would still not reinitialize although it did shortly after that time. after the machine finished waking it would be stuck at a 30 state as displayed on the LED (Resuming from S1-S5 State) and it would not return back to 00 (standard),as I'm pretty sure it should. well that's pretty much as far as I got before the I started testing the 1066MHz RAM. now that my system seems to be working ok again relative to the booting. I'm going to spend some time and see if these things are still an issue after that last BIO's update 0779.


                            Just as a side note I decided not to reinstall XTU for now. but I am looking for a good monitoring program one that works real-time while other programs are running and doesn't list CPU temp's as margins.

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                              I used Corsair's RAMinator for that selection which I purchased from NewEgg. The 24-GB set is only available with those timings:





                              Still, they should run at: 1067MHz 1333MHz and 1600MHz-XMP all at the prerequisite 1.5 volts


                              The 12-GB Vengeance set is also rated at those same timing specs.




                              We'll see what happens.


                              Yes, I live in Virginia.


                              I also experienced another "00" hang. This time after manually initiating sleep, then shaking the mouse to wake, the system hung for a second at "00" then rebooted into another "00". This time I hit reset and it went on through post.


                              Have you tried the Intel Desktop Utility (Monitor Only):



                              Like I said...there seems to be no rhythm of reason to this madness!

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                                It all seems very specific to me. I have a 2hour time  and the machine will boot great anytime under that 2 hours and anything under 1600MHz RAM and she won't boot.in fact  that's way to specific in my option. I've got it in sleep mode now I may not post again tonight but I'll let you know.

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                                  Distinguished friends, we are trying to solve a problem that was not created by us, I havea processor 990x, corsair dominator pc3 CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 1600-2000, intel250g SSDSC2MH250A2K5, EVGA GeForce GTX 580 GDDR5 PCI-Express 2.0Graphics Card and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit . my computer with these components do not present any problem with a board Rampage Extreme III. all problems have arisenafter I made the change to BOXDX58SO2 intel board.


                                  can anyone help me with this problem?


                                  all the steps discussed previously in this community have been in vain.
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                                    Telly I'm really not sure what problem you are having, if it's to do with 00 booting issue then I suggest you read through this thread and see if you can pick up some pertinent information.


                                    Well, yesterday I tested, tested and tested some more I found more issues after updating to 0779 BIO's then I had before. I was experiencing some real problems with the waking state, it would hang every time at wake on 6F (BDS driver entry) I waited more then 15 min to see if it would move past this state on it's own but it never happened. I had to push reset every time. also this problem wasn't time sensitive at all it would happen if I woke the machine right after inducing the sleep state, or if I let the machine sit for 2 hours after it went to sleep itself. I was still seeing the "network not connecting" upon waking. but I want to clarify that. the network wouldn't go back to a connected state like it is when you do a boot. but if you clicked on a browser it would then reconnect to the network and show that it was. this could be some setting in windows, I didn't check. I also experienced intermittent loss of my keyboard , and for the first time the full on fans with 00 no boot after waking.


                                    I was also having 00 boot hang during cold starts, I would call it intermittent. since the "Extreme Tuning Utility" was causing me problems with the 0779 BIO's and I uninstalled it, (to allow me to use the XMP profile) I wasn't able to see if I was still having fan RPM issues, because without it there are no real fan controls, you are either all on or slow for CPU fan. their was more but I,d had enough, I restored the 0765 BIO's Reinstalled "Extreme Tuning Utility" and reset my XMP profile from the restored 0765 BIO's. so far I have 5 clean cold starts in a row no hang (I had 19 in a row before BIO's update) in fact it never hung again until I updated to 0779 BIO's and now I've got my fan controls back. I'm testing waking states again on old 0765 BIO's I've passed one with no 6F hang so far.


                                    I'm not much of a Gamer I built this machine for Graphics work all be it a budget Gaphics machine. But that EVGA motherboard is starting to look good to me even with the SATA Issues. I realy wish this board was acting like it should.

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