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    Intel HD Graphics display refresh problem??


      Hi, the notebook I use for work has a MASSIVELY irritating problem with the display. Our IT administrators have proven incapable of identifying the problem, so I'm now posting the question here.


      The attached picture shows an example of what the display does. It is most prevalent when I use Excel, but it happens on most other software as well. This afternoon I attached a second monitor to work across a spreadsheet and presentation, and the same thing happened on the second monitor. In fact the problem was worse on the second monitor... The only way to correct the display is to drag the mouse over the areas you want to see. Or alternatively to minimise and restore the window itself...


      At this stage my best guess are that the graphics card is either failing, or I have too little memory, or the processor is too slow.


      The system spec is:

      HP Probook 4520s

      Intel Core i3-350M

      2Gb RAM

      Onboard Intel HD Graphics

      Windows 7 Professional 32-bit


      Any ideas?



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          Any ideas, anyone...?

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            Unfortunately I have no answer. I am seeing the same problem with 2 Dell laptop models- E4310 and E6510


            Windows XP Pro

            Intel HD Graphics

            i5 Intel Core Processor

            4GB RAM


            Installed graphics driver from both Dell and Intel's website

            Upgraded BIOS to latest

            Downgraded Windows Intaller 4 (we have seen some issues with resolution when displaying over projector with version 4)


            Not sure what causes it and the resolutions above have been hit or miss- sometimes one or more of these fix the problem, other times not.


            Good luck.



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              Hi VJ


              Thanks for your response! At least I know I'm not the only one...


              I have subsequently had a further 4Gb RAM installed, and it has not resolved the problem.


              Have now asked that the entire motherboard be replaced (at the notebook is still under warranty) in the last hope that this is simply a hardware problem or pending failure.


              Not sure if anyone else has had a similar problem?

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                I can report the same problem, but only while running on batteries. I think it has been that way since I got the PC a year ago. Installed most recent Intel drivers - didn't help. Any fixes?


                Dell Latitude E6510. Windows XP SP2. 4 Gb memory.

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                  Unfortunately I don't have a solution for this, but I'm also one of those suffering from this.

                  I have a brand new Lenovo T420 and it's pretty much unusable because of this problem.


                  I really hope that Intel would wake up and do something about this.



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                    Sadly, the RAM upgrade made no difference.


                    About two weeks ago, a HP technical consultant from the UK advised me that this is a problem caused by MS Office (i.e. this is a software issue). He advised me to uninstall Office completely (including Outlook) and re-install.


                    I did this, and since I was due for the upgrade anyway, Office 2010 was installed in place of 2007, after uninstalling 2007 completely.


                    And guess what, the problem is back with a vengeance. I am now reasonably convinced that this is a hardware failure of some description, particularly after other replies to this post, which are not limited to any specific manufacturer, other than the common denominator of having Intel onboard graphics...


                    I've asked our IT department to replace the laptop or the motherboard entirely, whichever comes first.

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                      It appears Intel Graphic accelator driver problem. I had similar problem with some video playback.  New driver released April-2011 should help.


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                        Try this (I had the same problem on my laptop):


                        Go to the video control panel (Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel) and click on the Power tab


                        Under "Power Plans" select "Maximum Performance" button - make sure you do this for both "Plugged In" and "Battery" options.


                        Click Apply


                        Hope this helps...



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                          I have a staff member with this exact problem. None of the potential solutions in this topic have provided relief.


                          Has anyone solved this conclusively yet?

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                            Same Problem here - tried many actions, no result.

                            Grahics Modes, Updates, Power Arrangements etc.

                            Use Win7 SP1 on a Motion Tablett J3500


                            Hope somebody cracks this soon because it is very annoying. My dealer says to reinstall - but this takes much time.

                            Has somebdy had a positive result after setting up the ystem new?



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                              just an update (no solution)


                              We've also tried the following:


                              rebuilding the harrdrive

                              replacing the motherboard

                              replacing the entire computer with a a new one of the same make and model and rebuilding the harddrive

                              upgrading the graphics driver

                              downgrading the graphics driver


                              We are seeing two manifestations of this issue. The one is as described in this original post, the other is that entire horizontal sections of a window remain behind when another application is maximized. Sometimes refreshing the screen works, sometimes not. In some cases the machine performance degrades to the point that it has to be hard booted, in other cases if you leave the machine alone for 10 minutes or so, it will recover. CPU and Page File Usage looks fine during these episodes.


                              The issue occurs in and out of the dock though I've only personally seen it while in the dock. I can't say if in all cases only a single external monitor is attached or if it occurs with dual monitors.


                              It looks like a screen refresh problem but we just have not been able to duplicate the issue in a test environment. I can't say for certain it is hardware or software since, on the one hand no matter what we've attempted software-wise it hasn't resolved it, and replacing hardware hasn't resolved it either.


                              We do not see this on all machines of this make and model, just a small population.


                              We now have a person on point in our organization who will be working with Dell and Intel to hopefully find a resolution.

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                                Hi all,


                                I have a similar situation what I  have figured is that uninstalling the Intel driver and leaving the Windows generic VGA driver works better. Anyway's in my situation works fine as the computer is only used for limited software use, no real graphics needed works fine.

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                                  This helped immensely! Thanks!!



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                                    Cong_99 had the solution that worked for our PCs.



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