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    writing single bytes to same MPB


      Hi everybody,


      the following questions might be simple, but I'm not getting the answer by myself.


      Suppose that you have three processes (A, B and C) running on the SCC on different cores. B and C send messages to A.


      The messages have a size of two bytes. The senders will write in different locations of A's MPB. Let's say, B writes at address 0x0 and C writes at address 0x2. The message from B arrives at the MPB of A just before the message from C does.


      Does A get the correct messages from both senders when reading from the MPB (including MPBT cache invalidate)? Or can the message from B be overwritten by C on some way?


      (Remark: B and C are not sending the messages in multiples of cachelines)


      Thanks for your help