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    DQ45CB not booting from hard disk correctly when pxe boot enabled




      I have a number of DQ45CB boards that all exhibit the same behaviour. With opensuse 11.3 and 11.4, and PXE enabled in the BIOS (change ethernet to be highest in the boot order), the system will not always boot after a reboot. This happens 90% of the time.


      A cold boot will start correctly most of the time (when power is switched off completely at the back of the case).


      After testing, the issue could not be reproduced on the BIOS the board shipped with (86A.0063) but could be reliably reproduced on 3 different machines with the following BIOS versions:







      Downgrading to 86A.0101 or further back does not seem to be possible (white screen on boot, need to use BIOS recovery from USB)


      When PXE boot is disabled in any version of the BIOS, this behaviour disappears. Unfortunately we require PXE boot for provisioning purposes.


      Is this a known issue? Has anyone seen similar behaviour?