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        Updated OPTION ROM to and am using the latest RST drivers and have had no problems at all.   Prior, was using 8.7 drivers without incident for stability.

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          Laurence Noton

          Hello all.


          This weekend I've just installed a second spindle disk to my PC (P6T Deluxe V2 i7 920) and set it up with RAID 0. 1x SpinPoint F1 1TB + 1xSpinPoint F3 1TB.  I have an SSD for boot, and now a 1.8 TB RAID for data.  Thankfully I'm enjoying the faster read writes already.... worth the 50GBP.


          However, I've just come across this thread!!!!


          So I have Option ROM v8.0.0.1038 which is included in the Asus BIOS which is pretty up to date...1108, but there is a 1202 (fixs some keyboard compatibility so I aint upgrading that).  I read else where that 1202 does not update the Option ROM anyway.


          I have also installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager from the Asus website...


          So what is the craic?  Can I expect my RAID 0 to error and for me to have to keep recreating if from my robocopy backup?  I have an external eSATA 1.5TB disk...so I'm ok having to rebuild, but I don't want to obviously.


          Can I move to a later version with success?  If so which version? 9.6 ... 10.0....10.x


          Also....do I even need the Intel Storage Manager?  I take it the Option ROM is just for creating RAID outside of the OS...and W7 includes the necessary driver anyway.  Is the w7 default driver good to go?  I think I could live without RST (aka ISM) if life is easier.


          Anyway...I see there hasn't been activity on this thread for a while...but it seems like it was an awesome ride for you guys a few years ago....alway late to the party me.



          • 527. Re: Random drive fails with new Matrix Storage Manager 8.9

            Hi guys.


            Well, first of all, sorry about my bad english,  and the reason why i am here is that looks like i'm a victim too of intel matrix troubles.


            My computer is very simple, and i have it for 3,5 years by now (don't have more needings, since apple creates ipad). Its a DELL LATITUDE E4300 laptop, where i had changed the original HD (seagate 160gb) by an hybrid seagate Momentus XT 500Gb. I have installed it about a year, and everything goes ok.

            Then, my motherboard show up some troubles, and Dell changed it on warranty (it was about 5 months ago). Immediatly after change, i note that after initial boot screen, when appears the message "Intel(R)  Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v. ICH9M-E" the computer delays about 45sec waiting to start windows (windows 7 x64 professional). Then, when computer is running, its very annoying that the system has quick hangs that about 1sec everytime (i would say that from 4 to 4 sec, it hangs by 1 sec).

            Initially, i think that´s just update some drivers, and possible the bios, to get it running fine. But that just dont happen. I talk with Dell, but cant get a solution with them.

            I have tried downgrade the Intel Matrix, but i don't know if i am understanding it well, and if i doing it right, because i didnt solve it yet.

            So, i ask you friends for some help:

            - Theres 2 different things: ROM and drivers?

            Using AIDA64 at STORAGE option it shows me on "Windows Storage" the driver description: "Intel(R) ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E SATA RAID Controller" /Driver Date    11/02/2009/Driver Version

            I have tried to change and downgrade the driver 8.9 to 8.8 (apparently sucessfull), but the problems still remaining!

            I have to reformat the HD to changes apply? I thinking no, because i got the old 160GB driver, with Windows Vista installed, and the same problem...


            Anyone can help me? I read the posts (that its loooong) and see many issues that its apparently close to my one, but normally they are RAID systems very more complexes than my modest, humble computer... Any ideas? i am running and searching for solutions about 3 moths now, and don´t know more what to do!


            Really Thanks.


            Fernando Paludo


            • 528. Re: Random drive fails with new Matrix Storage Manager 8.9

              Just so everyone knows this problem still bites - I spent the last 2 weeks struggling

              with failures in a Raid 5 system that had been flawless for years. After a hard drive replacement

              we used 8.9.xxxx  for rebuilds and the fireworks began.  Usually the rebuild would complete

              but within hours of use a drive would fail (apparently during paging operations of some kind).


              After trying everything we could imagine we found this thread with the downgrade recommendation.

              With 8.8 after one rebuild, there we have once again found smooth sailing.

              (I purposely left out details of Drive replacements, tests and so-called expert efforts, all the other

              posts give plenty of detail)


              Why did we not just move all the way up to the current new versions instead

              of choosing 8.9 at this late date? Because the machine in peril was an important

              windows server 2003 machine and the newer Intel drivers do not list 2003 as supported...

              (someday we will move all to 64-bit systems in one shot - maybe later this year)


              Anyway - this thread still is magic - and Intel should have probably pulled the 8.9 years ago.

              8.8 Solved our issues immediately.


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