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    HD 1366x768 WXGA which chipset support this ?




      I'm trying to estimate which Intel Integreted Chipset Graphic began support WXGA resolution like 1366x768

      I already discover that modern Atom architecture has it:

      Intel Atom D525

      Intel Atom N455


      The question is when HD resolution ( ~16:9 1366x768 ) is supported. I can't find any blueprint for it

      Tried here too:



      Even old 852GM / 855GME GMCH support up to 1920x1440 it's 4:3.

      Many experiments with IEGD driver enable some wide resolutions:

                  1280 x 768

                  1280 x 960

                  1400 x 1090

                  1600 x 900

      But still unable to get real 1366x768