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    DH67GD - No video signal on HDMI


      I'm unable to get any video signal via HDMI interface.  Video signal work so long as I'm on DVI.  I've tried changing known good HDMI cable.

      I'm seeing the entire screen solid blue as opposed to 'no video cable' detect if I were to remove the cable.  The Intel Control Center software do not detect a second display monitor.  I've also tried removing DVI cable with only HDMI cable plugged.  I'm able to use both DVI and HDMI ports at the same time?


      Unfortunately I do not have a monitor with display port to test out the third graphic port, just DVI and HDMI.


      Do I have a bad HDMI port?

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          Apparently it's defaulting to DVI interface.  I have two LCDs hook to both HDMI and DVI ports and was able to see the transition to DVI immediately after Windows logo appear.  How do I either disable DVI so that my HDMI is the default port rather DVI.  Better yet can it output to both ports?

          I have tried changing in the BIOS to 'auto' under video as well as HDMI as the primary while DVI as secondary.  I've also tried making HDMI is the primary while set to 'No' for secondary.  I was hoping this would default to HDMI.


          It appear I'm stuck with DVI only... any help is appreciated.

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            I've nearly the same problem: There's no signal after a restart of Windows 7 (64-bit). I've to hold the power button for 4 seconds until the computer is off and reboot. Most of the time I've a signal, sometimes not. I only own a DVI-screen so I can't test it with another screen.

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              The same after using Ctrl-Alt-Del or using the BIOS. No signal after a warm re-boot.

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                I've got also a problem with the HDMI port. HDMI is connected to a TV and DVI to my PC monitor at the same time. The first boot screen where you can enter the BIOS is appearing on both screens after the windows starting screen is only shown on the TV (so no DVI signal on my PC monitor). When I enter my password in the Win7 64bit log in screen and press enter, I get blue screen (can't read it because the blue screen time is too short) and the PC is rebooting from the beginning again. I don't have a solution for my problem but it works when I just use the DVI port-->DVI PC monitor or the HDMI port -->DVI PC monitor. (The TV is working with my old PC so there should be no problem with the TV). I think it is the mainboard. So I hope that intel will read the complaints release a proper bios update.