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    Chip Chat Challenge: What is cloud computing?

    Allyson Klein

      Throughout the year, we will create contests for our listeners; these will be challenges that draw upon your knowledge and creativity.


      Here is your first challenge.


      Cloud computing is a prevalent buzzword in the industry, but there is still ambiguity on the definition of cloud computing.


      So we want you, our listeners, to give us YOUR definition of Cloud Computing.  Propose a succinct way to define this architectural shift in data centers, and if we pick your entry as a winner, you will win a cool prize.


      To submit your definitions, submit your answer to this discussion.


      So get busy.  You have until April 6th to send in your definitions.



      Thanks for playing the Chip Chat Challenge!



      UPDATE: We've chosen a winner and will announce it very soon on both podcasts!


      *See rules attached: cc_contest_rules.doc