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    Matrix Raid 5


      Does Intel provide documentation for their products, EVER?


      Yeah, I see all of the marketing garbage in the circular maze of websites, but I bought the product already.  I NEED IT TO WORK.  The anti-intuitive user interface is no help either.


      The product is the Raid adapter on the ASUS P5Q motherboard, an Intel product with an Intel user interface, that is pathetic.


      Where is the documentation on the website?  I did find a PDF file from 2001 for Raid documentation, and I had to find that from Google.  Heaven forbid Intel provide a user interface that directs their customers to some online documentation.


      And while we are at it, do you think that providing documentation in HTML is too much to ask?  PDF requires some Adobe software that may not be available on some internet boxes.  Did your H1B workers ever consider that problem?


      If you are going to sell your products to US customers, you might consider hiring some US workers accustomed to providing a competant platform for distributing product information.

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          Right now I am looking at an Intel BIOS panel listing the raid devices and drives that make up the RAID.  All of the drives are OK.  The RAID status says "Rebuild".  And a message on the bottom of the screen says, "Volumes with "Rebuild" status will be rebuilt within the operating system."


          In spite of the RAID device being listed as Bootable, when I exit this Intel panel, I am prompted for a boot device.  I guess that the RAID is not being detected as bootable.  Who knows?  You can't get that information if Intel does not bother to provide it somewhere!


          Do you think that it would be too much to ask for Intel to post some online documentation that can help their customers walk through this convoluted process?