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    4965AG Wireless Adapter


      I need to replace a fried WiFi adapter in my MSI Wind netbook w/ Win7.  The original was a different manufacturer.


      I have never installed this type of device.  How do I do it?


      Beyond the physical installation, what else do I need to do?



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          Most computer manufacturers have instructions on how to remove the wireless adapters. Some are simple and some are not. That is why some people opt to use a wireless USB adapter, it's simple to install and use.


          Without the make and model of your computer, it's really hard to say if the procedure is simple or more complicated.




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            Rick - Thank you.


            I contemplated a USB adapter.  But it seemed one more thing to tote around.  And, it turns out, the internal board is less expensive than an external.


            The PC is an MSI Wind U230 netbook, a rather inexpensive, basic, yet fully functional system for writing, straight forward analysis, e-mail and surfing.


            I guess I need to rattle the vendor's cage harder.

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              The manufacturers here in the USA, usually have a download and support page and from that page there is usually an online manual. You may have the information already in a manual on your system. If so, it may be in pdf form.


              Some are simple have have a small compartment on the bottom of the laptop and some you have to take the keyboard off to get to them.


              Happy searching.