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    Intel DH55TC motherboard


      I'm in a problem guys. I have a Core i3 Processor with Intel DH55TC Desktop Board with 16GB DDR3 RAM. But after 3 months later, my board failed. It had a power failure. Whenever I tried to open my computer, it just showed red, blue, green, yellow, violet etc colors. Then it turned off automatically. It seemed like the more time the computer is off, the more time it gives me to work. So, since I had warranty I took it to the shop from where I bought it and they said that they will replace the motherboard. Well, they replaced it. But I'm astonished that it was a DH55PJ board. I think my DH55TC was a Media Series Board & this one they gave me is a classic series board. Now, I'm facing problem. What will I do with that additional 8GB RAM. The supports only 8GB RAM. Again, now I've no ability to use the HDMI port either. So, I think that DH55PJ board costs less than my DH55TC motherboard, is it true? Again, which delivers more performance, DH55TC or DH55PJ? I'm really confused & now I think my dealer deceived me by giving me this DH55PJ Board instead of my bought series DH55TC.


      Any Help????