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    RST 9.6 with ICH10R in RAID5, rebuild corrupted the volume


      Hi, i'm using a P45/ICH10R based board, all intel SATA ports are occupied (1-SSD 2,3 - RAID0, 4-5-6 RAID5). I disconnected the three raid 5 disks because i had to transfer files to another drive. Once i was done transfering files i reconnected drives connected to ports 4,5 and 6 but forgot drive 5 SATA cable. In windows i saw there was a missing disk so i immediately powered off, reconnected SATA cable #5 and returned to windows. Once in windows RST started a rebuild which took several hours, after the rebuild is complete, the volume appears corrupted, windows does not recognize the partition (says unknown in windows disk management). Intel RST software claims the rebuild was successful, and the volume status is normal. I have tried recomposing the data using RAID recovery software but it can only find small file fragments.


      1800GB gone, is there anyone that knows or understands what might have gone wrong?


      Is there any change i'm going to see my precious data without paying for professional data recovery services?


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, i'm sure i'm not the first person who has this problem!