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DQ45CB Board, memory timing and memory reported strangeness.

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Hi all,


I have a DQ45CB motherboard in two different computers (one running Windows XP 32 bit and the other running Linux 64 bit).


I have a really strange problem... if I set memory timings to manual and enter the SPD numbers (i.e. run the memory exactly as "auto" would), approximately 900 MB (almost a gigabyte!) of memory is not seen by either OS. If I set the BIOS memory timings back to "auto", the full amount of ram shows up.


For example, with 8 GB installed on the Linux box (running Linux 64 bit), the memory shows up like this:


Auto mode: 7972348 K memory

Manual mode: 6981124 K memory


I would like to run my ram at standard timings, but up the voltage from 1.80 to 2.00, but I can't do so unless I use manual mode. And if I use manual mode, I lose almost a gigabyte of RAM!


By the way, the boards are flashed with the newest BIOS (0101). The problem hasn't changed.


Any ideas... anyone?




-- Roger


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