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    Mixing CORE-STEPPING and upgrading CPU configuration (XEON)



      I have a xSeries 226 servers:

      NAME: IBM eServer x226-8488ECG-
      MB: MSI-9151

      with this CPU installed:

      S-SPEC: SL8P6
      CPUID: 0F4Ah
      FREQ: 3.0 GHZ
      BUS: 800 MHZ
      CACHE L2: 2 MB
      Core: Irwindale (?)

      Now I'm trying to add a second cpu:

      Spec: SL7ZF
      CPUID: 0F43h
      CORE-STEPPING: ???
      FREQ: 3.0 GHZ
      BUS: 800 MHZ
      CACHE L2: 2 MB

      My First question is: Is possible to mix this stepping on a single server?

      ----> i've tryed to add the second processor and....

      When powered up, all the fans would spin very fast and nothing else would happen, but with a single cpu installed things it works.


      I don't have a VRM ( Thanks to IBM manual )
      So i have buyed this VRM:  Fru 24R2701 / Lite-on P/N DD-1151-2C Rev A


      My second question is: This VRM is compatible with my hardware?

      I don't find any information in IBM documents, please help me.

      And, excuse me for my BAD english