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    DH67CF - problems with PCIe x1


      There is DH67CF, BIOS BLH6710H.86A.0105.2011.0301.1654, processor Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-2300 CPU 2.80GHz, memory 4 Gb, HDD 80 Gb.
      In slot PCIe x16 the satellite TV card TBS 6921 (PCIe x1) doesn't see.

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          I think you need to get answer for below questions first.


          1. Is the PCIe X16 slot is working fine? ( You can use any other card to double check the functionality of PCIeX16 slot of the board)

          2. Whether this PCIe X1 card is compatible to PCI e X16 slot of the board? (Technically PCIe X1 card should work on PCIe X16 slot, you can check with card vendor to get confirmation on the same)




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            Thanks for participation, Tommy.


            1. Yes, slot works correctly. A video card (PCIe x16) and I/O Controller Card (PCIe x1) remarkably work.


            2. TBS 6921 perfectly works on others motherboard, both in PCIe x16 slots, and in PCIe x1 slots...

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              I beleive this is and "old" Problem plugging the mini-ITX boards. I have a DH57JG (Socket 1156) with the same problem. I strongly believe it is related not only with the board but with the Power supply of the case. I have my board within a in-Win BP655 case with a 200Watt TFX power sypply. I think the specific power supply has only 10A in the 12V+ rail which is not "enough" to drive the processor and motherboard correctly. I dont have any BSOD or other problems exept the PCi-e x1 problem. I haven't so far figured out what is exactly the culpit but i am close.



              P.S: The Zotac mini-ITX H55 boards had this problem in the begining but it was solved with a BIOS update. Maybe this the case with the rest of us on Intel mini-ITX boards.

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                Thanks for the substantial answer. It is rather probable that the reason in BIOS. I changed the Power unit on POWER MAN 350W, without result.

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                  I have a DH67CF and I ma using a PCI-E x1 wireless card with it absolutely fine. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up to be honest!



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                    Hi, Mark!


                    I too have been unpleasantly surprised by such situation... The сard SHOULD work, I/O Controller Card (PCIe x1) confirms this rule. But... TBS6921 it do not agree with it.

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                      I have a similar problem. A Blackgold 3540 that works in another machine, isn't detected on the DH67CF (Doesn't show in the BIOS or Windows). I have tried another card (a USB controller) in the DH67CF and it works fine.

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                        Sincerely I sympathize. My problem isn't solved till now. Updating BIOS on version 01.10 hasn't helped. It is necessary to wait for a miracle...

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                          Same problem, but with ASRock H67M-ITX board and AverMedia Duet A188 PCI-E x1 TV Tuner card. It's so disappointing when you read all over the web that PCI-E x16 slots will autonegotiate and accept PCI-E x1 cards but then find out the hard way after you have bought all the components and tried to put them together.


                          My question is is this a limitation of the motherboards or Intel's chipset. Should I bother looking for a different H67 motherboard?

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                            Yes, I agree! It is very unpleasant, when you receive a problem suddenly. All assert that devices should work, and actually they don't work...
                            I can tell that my problem has left after installation of last version BIOS (0119).

                            Hence, the reason in concrete motherboards!

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                              After updating BIOS to version 0119 the problem has left.


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                                I have the same problem with the Asrock board rushidesai, and I've read there are many other brands affected.


                                I agree, very frustrating.


                                Its good to see DimaM see the problem fixed, lets hope there are similar BIOS upgrades from all the other manufacturers soon.