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        I prefer this environment, Sonny.  On the surface, this appears to be a simple problem and as such should not warrant escalation to the support agent level.  Or, are you ordering me to the support agent level?  As registered engineer and retired officer of the USAF ANG 174th TFW Syracuse ****** CAS, I must say I am not particularly fond of being ordered on simple issues as this.  Care to reflect on your suggestion and offer something less bloated than opening a support ticket?

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          Anna, I would not be so bold as that. I agree tha this appears to be a simple issue. However, it is outside my personal level of expertise. Please feel free to continue to utilize the forum. I'm sure one of the other forum visitors should be able to assist.

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            Whether an implicit order or not, given the options stated on the Web page that you reference, Sonny, specifically which "support option" do I select to ensure that this RAID issue is addressed by the proper Intel department, group, team and or individuals?  Kindly provide precise direction in this regard, Sonny, because given your assertive posture, like you, I am not interested in spinning my wheels further on this issue. 


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              I found my problem and I suspect that regardless of my computer specifics, AnnaG's problem is related. Its is actually a very common mistake, and during our frustration, we focused on all the wrong problems.


              AnnaG take a quick look at your BIOs settings for any configurations that are flagged as "AHCI" = True.

              If you would like some more information on what happen (at least for me), here is the wikipedia article on the topic.




              Common problems switching to AHCI under Windows

              • Enabling AHCI in a system's BIOS will cause a 0x7B Blue Screen of Death STOP error (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) on installations of Windows XP and Windows Vista where AHCI/RAID drivers for that system's chipset are not installed; i.e., boot failure.[5] Switching the chipset to AHCI mode involves changing the BIOS settings and will not work. Usually, manual installation of new drivers is required before enabling AHCI in BIOS.[6] Alternatively, a "Repair" installation with the appropriate driver loaded during the setup process usually corrects the problem. For motherboards with more than one Sata controller (for example, some boards have Intel and Jmicron Sata controllers) another alternative is possible. The sata cable for the boot drive can be inserted into a port on one controller (which can be configured in IDE mode), allowing the machine to boot successfully with the other controller configured for AHCI mode. The AHCI drivers can then be installed in windows without difficulty before swapping the cable back.
              • For Intel chipsets (for example, Intel ICH9) drivers are available from either an OEM motherboard or computer manufacturer. For the Intel versions, the driver must be loaded before loading the OS (by pressing F6 as setup starts, then using the floppy disk when prompted). The Intel drivers will work for both XP and Vista. Also, in the case of ICH9, an unsupported method to enable AHCI on ICH9 is available.
              • When attempting to install Windows XP or a previous version on an AHCI-enabled system, setup will fail with the error message "setup could not detect hard disk drive..." since no drivers will be found for accessing the SATA controller/s. This problem can be corrected by either using a floppy disk or by slipstreaming the appropriate drivers into the Windows XP installation CD, or by turning on IDE emulation in the BIOS settings if it's available (usually labeled IDE mode, ATA mode, or COMPATIBILITY mode [versus AHCI mode and RAID mode]).
              • Enabling AHCI in a system with Windows Vista already installed will result in a BSoD if SATA was configured in IDE mode during Vista's installation. Before enabling AHCI in the BIOS, users must first follow the instructions found at Microsoft Knowledge Base article 922976. This fix also works with the Windows 7 Beta.
              • Enabling AHCI in a system BIOS on installations of Windows XP or Windows Vista will cause SATA Optical drives to disappear. A Hotfix for Windows Vista is available under the title: "SATA optical drives are not available after you start a Windows Vista-based computer."[7] This problem was fixed in Vista SP1.
              • Windows Vista installation process may take several hours on a system that uses an AMD/ATI SB600 Series chipset operating in AHCI mode.[8]

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                I went back to your original post just to make sure I hadn't missed anything. You are definately getting a lot of good suggestions. If you were to decide to open a support case, I might suggest that the server team would likely be the best to contact as they deal with RAID issues on a more regular basis. I'm told that this isn't seen very often and the workaround provided by Elizabeth usually solves it.

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                  Hi Anna,


                  I would imagine you're done with this by now. However, I figured I would post here as this thread appeared when I googled for answers on this very same question.

                  I'm working on a client's Dell XPS 400. It was configured at the factory with two 160GB drives in a RAID 1 (mirror). I wanted to break the RAID so I could add a large hard drive to use for incremental backups and keep one of the 160GB drives as the boot disk. None of my utilities (other than the Dell restore disk) would recognize the RAID when I booted from those utility's CDs. I expect I could have found a driver to load so my utilities would recognize the RAID, but I didn't have the patience. So, I connected one of the 160GB drives to a test jig and backed it up to another computer.

                  With my backup in hand, I followed the white rabbit:


                  •I removed one of the 160GB drives and installed a 640GB in its place.

                  •I moved the SATA cable for the 640GB drive to another SATA port on the logic board so the RAID system wouldn't see this drive as a member.

                  •I enabled that port in the BIOS (note, the SATA port numbers are labelled on the logic board).

                  •Any reboots at this point will show the RAID in a degraded state (no worries as the removed 160GB AND the backup copy still contain all the client's data). •You will have to manually bypass the RAID warning to continue booting.

                  •I then booted from the Dell restore disk and installed a clean OS on the 640GB. Note that the client's existing OS was hosed by trojans and spyware. My goal here was to backup their drive to a disk image on the 640GB, wipe the 160GB (just the data partition, so I could maintain all the Dell utility partitions), and clone the clean OS and backup image back to the 160GB. Then the 640GB can become the backup drive. It sounds a bit convoluted, but I had my reasons!

                  •(Here's the important part) My version of Ghost couldn't recognize the remaining RAID drive (the 160GB) and I didn't have the patience to go looking for another solution. So, I used the Matrix config screen (ctrl-I) to "Reset Disks to NON-RAID." I selected the 160GB drive and went for it. ALL THE DATA WAS STILL THERE!!! The drive was even still bootable! So, even though the manual AND the interface warn that your data will be lost, it was not the case for me. So, here's my assessment: RAID 1, keep your data; RAID 0, lose your data. HOWEVER, your mileage may vary and I take no responsibility for any losses anyone may incur. I must stress that even though this was my experience, Intel does not agree with me. So, find a way to ensure your data is backed up before you do this.

                  •After I broke the RAID, all my utilities were able to see the 160GB drive as a normal disk.


                  With Regards,

                  Lyle Millander

                  • 36. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                    Hi Lyle!


                    Actually, I am trying to be patient while Intel continues to resolve this INTEL PROBLEM.


                    That being said, I am EXTREMELY INTERESTED in your experience and if you would give me a day or so to digest what you have written, I may have a better understanding than I do at this time.  Then, when I think I understand, I will respond back with a question or two [with hopes you are available] for additional consultation.  For now, I do not have Ghost - but I do have Paragon Drive Backup 9.


                    Till then, many, many thanks Lyle!



                    • 37. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                      I now see that I should have read your COMPLETE posting, Lyle!  After reading it completely, I find that you truly had GREAT LUCK with your client's PC.  I have not tried your WINNING scenario yet, primarily due to the fact that I do not have a spare HDD with sufficient capacity to back up Drive C.  However, prior to doing so, I am curious - do you know if the Intel Matrix Manager on the Dell HDD was the Dell version, as in, or one of Intel's latest versions (which are typically NOT approved by Dell for use) as in   Thanks again, Lyle!  Anna

                      • 38. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                        I tested Lyle's suggestion on my existing RAID 1 system and both drives maintained all data.  I also tested his suggestion on three other PCs and lost nothing.  In other words, Lyle is correct about RAID 1 when he said, "keep your data."





                        Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

                        • 39. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                          You're welcome SMartin.


                          I doubt they're morons. There could be any number of reasons for the miscommunication about removing a RAID 1 set.



                          • 40. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                            Anna, would you please give us an update to this thread?  Was your problem resolved?  If so, how?

                            • 41. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                              Amazing to see this thread is still alive! I too would like to know if Anna ever found a resolution to her issues.

                              I re-read some of the thread and realized that I never answered Anna's Matrix Manager question from 5/6:


                              I performed all RAID configuration at the BIOS level. The client's OS was so hosed that I never noted the installed version of the Matrix Manager and opted to not install any version on the clean install (especially since RAID was out of the picture). The last thing they needed was access to anything beyond their iTunes music and pictures! I don't recall which version was loaded into the BIOS, but it was whatever came with that XPS 400. So, not a useful answer, nor timely - but no longer a loose end. :-)



                              Lyle Millander

                              • 42. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                                Wow. 63,467 Views!

                                I wonder if the Matrix Storage Manager warning in the BIOS was ever updated to reflect what really happens when you demote a RAID 1 config.

                                • 43. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                                  75k views?!? I really think an update to the Matrix firmware is in order - tell people they can remove a RAID 1 set without losing data.

                                  • 44. Re: Intel Matrix Storage Manager - - Reset Disks to NON-RAID

                                    Do I get a prize at 100,000 views?