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    DP55KG Wont Boot With 4 Memory Slots Filled


      Two builds using the DP55KG and 4 x 2 Gig Crucial Ballistic Memory  chips ( *8 Gig total) fail initial installation of OEM Win 7 64 Bit.

      At the start of the OS installation the system reboots.  The BIOS is the latest, and the Memory Profile has been set at default mode, 1333, 1.5 Volts.

      Changing the BIOS Memory to the XMP Profile 1600 does not solve the problem, nor does reducing the Memory Profile to DDR3-1066



      When reducing the memory to 2 x 2 Gig using only  DIMM 0 of Channel A & B filled, the system boots and allows installation of the OS.

      Swapping memory combinations yield the same result; all memory "works" in DIMM 0, nothing works in DIMM 1.


      It has been suggested that I install the OS using just 2 memory chips and then install the chip set drivers before adding the additional memory.


      Because adding additional chips requires removing the video card, which spans the complete chassis, I was wondering if anybody had to install memory in this two phase approach.  I am putting together 6 six systems and would prefer not to pull the video card each time.


      If the above is not the solution, does anybody have any thoughts on how to get the system running wit all four memory slots filled.


      System Config:


      Corsair 650 Watt PS

      WD 750 Black Caviar HD ( x 2)

      Samsung DVDR (x 2)

      Crucial Ballistic DDR 3 4 Chips ( 2 Gig)

      eVGA 260 Video (not using SLI)


      Thanks to all,


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          Check the Crucial ram manufacturer's website for the latency and specially the voltage rating. The voltage rating should not exceed the specified voltage of your processor.

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            The settings from the XMP Profile in the BIOS for 1333 and 1600 match the Crucial specs perfectly.

            I even reduced the latency to DDR-3 1066 to try and get the system to work.

            Nothing helped.

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              Try increasing RAM voltage to 1.6 or even 1.65V. When all four DIMMs are populated, some motherboards do not supply enough stable voltage. I read this on Corsairs forums and it fixed my problems (I also have 8GB of memory and all slots populated).

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                Yes, try increasing voltage to 1.6 and then 1.65 if 1.6 does not work.  It's NOT an issue of some motherboards not providing enough power, it's typically an issue of some RAM vendors requiring more voltage then they say they do.  Perhaps even other board vendors "over voltage" by default.  So if it's a voltage issue... it's not the board.  But it's a good thing to try

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                  Using the XMP Profile in the BIOS sets the voltage to 1.65.  All of the latencies match Crucial's Spec

                  Intel warns against raising the voltage above 1.6 volts in a flyer boxed with my motherboards.


                  Can someone tell me what brand/model number of memory they are using that works in all four slots.


                  Back to my original question, is it necessary to load the chipset drivers first, before populating all four slots.

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                    Final Solution:

                    Crucial memory would not work with all 4 slots filled.

                    The Kingston Value RAM recommended from the Intel web site solved the problem

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                      Crucial high performance Ballistic RAM would not work when all four slots were filled.


                      Kingston Value RAM  listed in the tested memory section of the Intel site for the DP55KG board solved the problem.

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                        I used OCZ Gold Series ram 4 gig per slot. First  2 slots work finr then I added 8 more gig to the last two slots of cucial CT2KIT51264BA1339 8GB PC10600 DDR3 1333MHz Dual Channel Desktop Memory Upgrade - 1333MHz, 2x4096MB, Non-ECC, Unbuffered total and wont boot. I have purchased another set of

                        Patriot G2 Series PGD34G1333ELK Division 2 Edition Desktop Memory Kit - 8GB (2 x 4GB) PC3-10666, DDR3-1333MHz, 9-9-9-24 CAS Latency, XPM Ready

                        that is recommended  with  the same results. All memory works fine first 2 slots. I am going to have to try the voltage increase as the list of recommend RAM does not include a 4 gig chip that could see. I will post the results later. This is very frustrating. The spec sheet on the mother board says do not go above 1.6 but all the chips say 1.65  .  I am running a 750 watt power supply so there is plenty if current avalable. I have the 875K processor. My system is apart now but ran fine with vista ultimate 64 bit installed using the first 2 slots. THe recommend memory Kingston does not include 4 gig chips .