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    D975XBX won't post with X6800 Duo 2 Extreme Processor

      I have literally exhausted every option there is and searched every available forum online and yet my problem is still unsolved. Before I even made my purchase to upgrade my current computer, I checked INTELs website to make sure my hardware was compatible. There may be something I am missing, but I feel I have put in my do time and have exhausted all my optons.


      My computer will not post at all after upgrading to an x6800 processor and the computer just sits at a blank screen after the power button is pressed. The fans all start up, but nothing ever posts to the screen


      Before any conclusions are brought, please read my full description of my trouble shooting, as you will see I have exhausted many options.


      My specifications before my upgrade to the X6800 are as follows. This machine was working with no trouble, but had difficulty playing Blu-Ray with the processor I currently had installed.

      Motherboard: D975XBX Revision D27094-302 with Bios 354
      Processor: Pentium D 920 SL94S 2.8GHZ.
      Memory: 2x 1gb Patriot PSD22G800K PC2-6400 CL5
      Memory: 2x 512 PNY 6464TDTHE-HS
      VideoCard: Sapphire HD3650 512MB DDR3
      PowerSupply: Antec NEOHD 380watt using 1x4 power and using the 4 Pin to 8 Pin MotherBoard Power Adapter provided with the D975xbx.


      This was posting with no problem.

      With the installation of the X6800, it will not post so I have tried many combinations of hardware and bioses, as you will see here after.


      Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme 6800 SL9S5


      PowerSupply: I originally used the Antec NEOHD with the 8 pin adapter but feared that might be my problem so i upgraded to a Thermaltake Toughpower 850Watt ESA using the 1x4 motherboard power and 8 pin motherboard power cable from PSU.


      I've used two different Graphics Cards.
      Sapphire HD3650 512MB DDR3
      Gigabyte HD4650 1GB DDR2


      I have tried Several combinations of memory with no post. I have used the first dual channel with no posts then used the second dual channel slots with no post. I've tried three different dual channel memory pairs including; PNY Mentioned before, Patriot as mentioned before, along with Samsung 2x 1gb PC2-5300U-555-12-zz


      Motherboard & Bios: D975XBX Revision D27094-302 (Originally Bios354 on first boot, then upgradeded to Bios1487 then downgraded to Bios1334) The bios updates were successful as this was verified using the Pentium D processor to post and then enter the bios utility to verify the correct bios had been flashed. Once the X6800 was put in the motherboard, it would not post. I had on several occasions pulled the power cord and pulled the battery for an hour to reset the CMOS, but this still did not work.


      Once the Pentium D is placed into the LGA775 socket, the computer posts immediately. Once the X6800 processor is placed in the motherboard, the computer never posts. If I even uninstall the memory with the X6800 in place, I don't even get memory beeps. If I place the Pentium D in the socket with no memory, I get the appropriate memory code beeps.


      I have no other add in cards plugged in and have no HardDrives plugged into the motherboard. I have a Sony Optiarc Blu-Ray Rom that I have plugged in on occasion for Bios Updates, but overall, nothing has been plugged into the motherboard but CPU, Video Card, Memory.

      Oh, I also took the X6800 to work and put the processor into a work computer and it posted in a Dell Machine properly. So I know the X6800 is a working processor and it is indeed the right processor.


      I've even gone as far as getting a voltometer and checking all my rails. On both the Antec NEOHD and the Thermaltake Toughpower, all rails were showing appropriate voltages.


      I'm at a loss for ideas. I am contemplating returning the X6800 and getting a Pentium Core 2 Duo but I'm almost afraid I'll run into the same problem.

      Please Help,