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    SR2612UR issues with SATA hard drives


      Hello everyone,

      i have a big issue with this new server SR2612UR; once insered the two 3,5" SATA hard drives (Western Digital 2GB Raid edition) into the front RACK unit i can't see them in BIOS. If i connect them directly on the motherboard with sata cables, so without using the MIDPLANE i have no problem and i can use the integrated RAID to perform the mirroring i should do.


      I've called INTEL for support and they have suggested to buy module AXX4SASMOD to let BIOS see SATA hard drives but no way.


      As i have to deliver the server at the end of the week my question is, can i remove th MIDPLANE and use my SATA hard drives into RACK with these cables for example




      Thank you in advice for any helping answers

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