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        Sure you can. I would say that you use the 2 onboard SATA3 ports for your optical drive & SSD & use the SATA3 PCIe card for your 2 conventional drives. An example of a PCIe SATA3 card is below.





        But if you really want what is fast & avoid any SATA bottleneck, I suggest that you get rid of that SSD & go with PCIe SSD such as OCZ Revodrive.

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          The 2 raid drives should be placed on the same controller, either the on-board or add in.

          To configure a raid across different controllers, you are doing a software raid which is not as efficient as what you can get in hardware or Firmware raid modes.


          any additional ports on the add in card can be left empty, or used to connect addtional devices.


          Make sure whatever added in card you select is on the board supported list, especially if it will contain your OS.

          Cards that have not beed tested may have issues or conflicts that could generate problems.


          Some manafactures BIOS will not reconize booting from add in cards (or other PCIe devices)

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            On- board RAID is really not advisable as it's slower than an add-on PCIe RAID controller especially if you're running your hard drives on RAID 5.

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              ... why oh why am I doing this... it's not a discussion, or even an argument, just a flame-fest... but there might be some people reading this thread that will get the wrong impression, and the obfuscation is annoying, so...


              Cowboy, you ought to stick with your own statements at least within the same post.


              First you say:  "The Sandy Bridge Processor is not usable in my opinion."


              Fine, we are all entitled to our opinions.  When the facts regarding a situation are not absolute and open to some interpretation, we have opinions.  Quite normal.


              You then explain the motivations for your opinion, again just fine, that is what is done in a debate in order to sway opinions and state one's case. Perfectly reasonable.


              Then you state: " I don't know how you can argue against that and basically call someone a liar when those are the facts."


              No one can state an opinion is a lie or the truth, since it can be neither.  Also, your opinion has then seemingly become fact after one paragraph.  Regardless, accusing me of calling you a liar does not make sense, if you statement is an opinion.


              If you claim your statement is a fact, that PCs with this chipset are unusable, well, we know that even in the potential worst case situation, they would still be useable, since any SATA device could be connected to the SATA 6Gb/s ports, thus rendering the PC useable.  Do you deny this?


              Your style of argument will capture the minds of those who do not apply critical thinking to the arguments themselves, including the attempt to dishonor those that debate in opposition to yourself.


              Your analogy about the car radio actually reveals, and attempts to pass as fact, what you use as the basis of your argument.  That is, the radio (Cougar Point chipset) will absolutely fail, that is a given.  I'll stay objective here and say, given the information we have, no one can claim that they will absolutely fail.  No one knows that, or can prove it.  That is what I claim to be false, that we know, a priori,  that these chipsets will absolutely fail.  That is the crux of your argument, without which it falls apart.


              Then we have this statement: "This is only if you buy the whole story from Intel that this is all that  is wrong with these boards to begin with, which I don't."


              This statement attempts to use innuendo and over generalization to create concern and fear that any mother board touched by the accursed Cougar Point chipset will be fraught with misery and failure.  Again, some critical thinking quickly reveals it is baseless.  Intel makes CPUs and Chipsets for use specifically with PC mother boards.  They make few, if any of the other components.  The only component that we know has a potential failure issue is the Cougar Point chipset, and nothing else.  How does that have anything to do with other things being wrong with the mother boards?


              Intel manufactures PC mother boards, but is only one of many companies that do so, and is not the major purveyor of them in the world.  Consider that of all the mother board manufactures, some of which have been in business for decades, with all their experience in design, manufacture, and testing, not one of them found an issue with these chipsets that stopped them from bringing them to the marketplace.


              I certainly cannot say that I know more about this then they do, can you?

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                This is your statement and the one that I have the objection to, one that you state to refut someone else's statement that the CPU is unusable:


                Regarding the Sandy Bridge CPUs not being useable for several months, that is simply false.


                Basically, you called the person that said the CPU is unusable a liar with this statement.  The fact of the matter is that by Intels own admission, you are not to use the sata 2.0GB/s under any circumstances and if you must, only to use  those ports with your least important devices.  On many of these boards, that leaves only two ports available.  With many people and retailers, this in fact, makes the board useless as we have multiple devices which requires, in some cases, all 6 sata ports on the board.  If the board is useless to us, then that makes the CPU useless as well.  The replacement boards won't be available until April sometime, at the earliest, which makes the CPU useless for several months.


                That is not opinion, that is fact.


                Another little tid bit for you.  If Intel did not think there was a good possibility of failure, they would not have issued this massive recall that will cost them millions of dollars.  My car analogy still stands.  Maybe I'll re-word it for you if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Would you buy a brand new car if you were told not to use the radio because it may overheat and burn out?


                And no, I don't believe what we are being told about the cougar point chipset is, in fact, the whole story.  It makes no sense for Intel to issue a recall that may happen in less than 5% of cases that no one but them has been able to replicate.  It doesn't make any sense that they would spend millions on something like this rather than to make a statement saying "If this happens to you, do this."  If they were really not worried about something going wrong with the majority, they would not be pulling these boards.  That is just common sense, you don't spend millions "just in case," you spend millions on certainties.


                Then again, like you, I could chose to deflect, deny and manipulate, however I would rather just tell it like it is.

                • 80. Re: I7 Sandy Bridge Recall

                  ... and yet another example of poor rhetorical technique, to completely ignore your opponents statements that refute yours, and restate your arguments as if nothing was stated in opposition to them.  There's a term for that, tautology.


                  As I implied earlier, I was afraid your debate would go no where, as you continue to circle back to the same statements endlessly.  I have no interest in participating in a "... no it isn't... yes it is..." stubborn school yard debate, if that's the best you can do.


                  Your intent is clear, to simply flame away at Intel and run them down as much as possible.  Enjoy!

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                    And you, rather than refute anything I say, you rather go on the attack.  Proves my points perfectly.

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                      Admin Note to all: This forum is to help solve technical questions. Please stay on topic. This is not the place for personal conversations, conflict or banter. Thank You.

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                        Alright... I read this forum.  I understand it.    I can't order the Intel Sandy chipset motherboard.  Because they've put removed all brand motherboard of Sandy Chipset from Online order, today  After since, I seen it on last week.   Bugger me....


                        I will waiting for update correct 2nd edition of Sandy chipset or next generation "Bad Sandy" chipset.    LOL...Kind joke !




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                          "The Sandy Bridge CPU is not usable." - This is a fact.


                          How can you use a CPU when there's no available motherboard for it? Unless you can use a CPU without needing a motherboard then it's not usable.


                          It's like in my situation right now. I bought a Sandy Bridge Core i7 2600K last month. The motherboard then stopped working just after the recall. I can't have it replace by the retailer I purchased it from 'cuz they pulled out all their Sandy Bridge motherboards from their stock as a result of the recall. You can't purchased a Sandy Bridge motherboard 'cuz there's no retailer selling it. Even those in Europe that sell Sandy Bridge motherboards priced like gold doesn't have it either. Yet you can purchase a Sandy Bridge CPU. If you buy a Sandy Bridge CPU now it would be like "buy it now & use it after several months".


                          I have a Sandy Bridge CPU now but no motherboard 'cuz I can't find any for sale. If the CPU is usable then it means that I can have a motherboard for it. For now there's no motherboard 'cuz it's been pulled out in the market.


                          The CPU is not usable. I don't know why someone will say that it's usable when it's not.

                          • 85. Re: I7 Sandy Bridge Recall

                            There are a handful of platforms still shipping, but these are in systems which do not use the legecy SATA II connections.

                            Latest info is here: http://www.intel.com/consumer/products/processors/chipset.htm

                            • 86. Re: I7 Sandy Bridge Recall

                              There's none really. Newegg, Micro Center, Tigerdirect, Fry's, etc all pulled out their Sandy Bridge motherboards. There's some that still advertised Sandy Bridge motherboards as "For Sale" but if you really look at it closely it's out of stock, will deliver when available or pulled out due to the recall. I've been to a computer store here in Illinois that advertised their Sandy Bridge motherboards online as for sale only to find out that they pulled their Sandy Bridge motherboards off the market due to the recall. If you'll purchase it now you have to wait until April (the earliest) for them to deliver it to you (I'm talking of low to mid end motherboards). Those PC enthusiasts who purchased Sandy Bridge CPU for overclocking will have to wait longer.


                              Why would someone sells a motheroboard with a faulty chipset? Those retailers that sell those motherboards know the risk that the motherboards they're selling will eventually get returned for replacement motherboards with  working chipsets. It's costly for retailers as they'll be forced to accept returns several months &/or even longer after those motherboards were purchased.


                              If you really think that there's still Sandy Bridge motherboard for sale, why don't you help me find an Asus Maximus IV Extreme motherboard here in the US. If you can find any, I will retract my earlier statement that the CPU is not usable.

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                                Asus Maximus IV Extreme has and uses the SATA II ports so the limit availability  would not apply.

                                • 88. Re: I7 Sandy Bridge Recall

                                  And where exactly would you find one of those boards in North America?

                                  • 89. Re: I7 Sandy Bridge Recall

                                    You can't find one 'cuz there ain't any for sale. All the Sandy Bridge motherboards been pulled out of the market. It's costly for retailers to sell motherboards with faulty chipsets.


                                    If there's no motherboard then how can you make a CPU work? You have to have a motherboard for the CPU. It's no rocket science. This makes a CPU non-usable.


                                    I have a Sandy Bridge CPU inside my drawer. I can't use it 'cuz I can't find a motherboard for it.


                                    Intel really fu---- things up. They just want to make money & release a chipset that's not been tested completely. This massive recall is the end result.

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