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        Oh Doc, sarcasm drips from my ears at times, the women in my life have always hated my ability to skewer them with my sarcastic foil, which of course has cost me big time... but at least I had some fun.


        It was inevitable that some of my sarcasm would leak out, after all, I've been restraining myself from answering our little friend recently...



        PS: "In the quality user manual..."   LOL!! 


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          Yes I’m an Aussie. We have Cyclone Gillard (PM) still here after the storm and she’s still wrecking everything and has every Australian in her path. With what you said about the weather in Chicago, I think we can trash global warming and just call it climate change and I'd avoid the "Billabong Dash".


          The day my pre-order arrived the day they released the news from Intel. I had the ‘I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news’ speech. It's still sitting in the city waiting for me to pick it up. They’ve said it may no be effected but I don’t think it’s going to effect me. I’m going away in four week so I have to have it sorted by then. Asus have a pretty good reputation? No?

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            No, the response doesn't give me the warm fuzzy feeling either, well it does but it’s the one running down your leg.  I suppose a download link is going to be much cheaper than a 700million recall.  They are selling it with a world wide 2 year warranty with one year on battery. I couldn't find anything on the techical data. I think it will be fine. 20 years to lose a HDD and lost 3 in a year. I'm the back-up king now but you know how things work....and no, they weren't the original 20year old hard drives.


            Yes the weather has cleared but as I said to parsec with still have a destructive force here ripping through everything. Our Claytons leader. And thanks, yes it does look like a rip-snorter of a laptop doesn’t it. I guess I’m going to have to reschedule my world domination plans to after April. Just might have to wait for the weather too.

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              I believe that "Sandy Bridge" was design faulty.


              Is all chipset model    P67, H67, G67  are faulty ?  


              If above is Yes, So...When we get a replace a correct fixed a new 2nd edition chipset ?





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                It's a bit like magic, but if you read this thread all question will be revealed.

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                  This is why it's so fu---- up. You're buying a CPU that you can't use for several months. Don't expect to get the best Sandy Bridge motherboards by April as it won't happened. When Sandy Bridge was launched last month, all you can get were mid end motherboards for the core processor. All the high end motherboards you can only purchased online in limited stock. My conservative estimate is summer to fall. By that time, all second generation Sandy Bridge core processors are obsolete. AMD's Bulldozer will reigned supreme.


                  This deffective chipset fiasco is massive. Every computer retailers been pulling all Sandy Bridge motherboards. I talked to a PC retailer the other day & I saw him shaking his head then said "Intel really fuc--- things up. They failed to deliver the goods & it's the consumers that's suffering". He pointed out as an example a guy who purchased (4) Core i7 2600K last month. He felt so sorry as he was the one who sold the guy the (4) CPUs.


                  Sandy Bridge is a failed endeavour for Intel. Going that route is a total disaster.

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                    Someone should initiate a class action lawsuit against Intel for this faulty chipset fiasco.

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                      So, return your processors and pick up a Bulldozzzzzer. It due out mid 2010  er sometime in 2011.


                      And yes, all the retailers are pulling their couger point chipset boards because if they sell them knowing that 5% will have SATA II issue, some one would be screaming lawsuit....

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                        I totally agree with everything you have said and so have all retailers and anyone with a reasonable mind that's not a complete intel fanboy.


                        The retailer that I deal with has been awesome and had no quams about me switching out the intel setup for an AMD one.  I have been a life-long intel user and never once have I built or owned an amd setup--until now and I will not be switching back anytime soon.


                        What concerns me is not the issue that they are stating, but what they are not saying.  I don't know if that really makes any sense, but let me try to explain.  I believe that Intel came out with this story, not because of some moral obligation to do so, but because there is something bigger involved here.  Please keep in mind that NO ONE outside of Intel can duplicate this failure and many are trying, and trying extremely hard.


                        That does not give me peace of mind that Intel is overstating the issue, it makes me extremely nervous that this is, in fact, not the issue at all and they are using it as a cover story to hide the real reason behind this recall.  It may be the paranoia in me coming out, but I think there is something much larger at stake here.  Too many things just don't add up.

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                          Cheaptrick, for a different take on this situation, you might want to read this article:




                          Regarding the Sandy Bridge CPUs not being useable for several months, that is simply false.


                          So Sandy Bridge CPUs are a "failed endeavor" (apparently because the supporting chipset has a problem, which BTW has been identified and will be fixed)  Ooh-kay...


                          Given your notion of "obsolete", your car would become obsolete every time the new models are introduced each year.  To each their own...

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                            The Sandy Bridge Processor is not usable in my opinion.  The only way you can justify it to say that it is usable is to use it with a knowingly deffective product, which renders it useless in my opinion and a whole slew of other people's minds as well.


                            The only way to stay safe is to not use the Sata 2.0GB/s ports, which, with many people, is not only unacceptable, but it is also not feasable to do so.  It therefore goes that if you want to be 100% protected, then you have to abstain from using the board altogether, which makes the CPU absolutely uselss as it cannot be paired with any board at the moment that does not use the Cougarpoint chipset, nor will one be available for the next 2 to 3 months.  This is only if you buy the whole story from Intel that this is all that is wrong with these boards to begin with, which I don't.


                            I don't know how you can argue against that and basically call someone a liar when those are the facts.


                            Seeing as you like to use car analogies, would you buy a brand new car if you were told you can't use the radio because it would overheat and burn out?  That is only a minor defect that would not affect the operation of the vehicle.  Here we are talking a major component of the board itself.

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                              I totally agree with you rednekcowboy. What Intel did is no moral obligation. There's a bigger issue involved here. The main reason is really that Intel (or any other business in particular) is bound by law to disclose what is described as deffective & to provide a replacement of the deffective product.


                              It's a common knowledge that only SATA2 ports are affected (SATA3 ports are OK). Hence most Sandy Bridge motherboards have at least 4 SATA3 ports (the high end motherboards have at least 6 SATA3 ports), the problem would have been solved by not using the SATA2 ports. Even if you run on RAID 10 with 4 HDDs & 2 SATA optical drives, you still have enough SATA3 ports to use. It's no big deal having a deffective Intel chipset when it only affects the SATA2 ports. But why did Intel pulled a massive recall? The answer is - it's of best interest for Intel to do so or risk losing several hundred millions or even a billion more replacing most of the deffective chipsets in circulation. In this case, the product warranty doesn't end, let's say in 2 years. The consumer is guaranteed by law, a replacement of the deffective product with a lifetime warranty.


                              Replacing a deffective chipset is not like replacing a CPU were you can just pull out the CPU from its socket to replace it. To replace it, the motherboard in circulation has to be returned to where you purchased it for them (the reseller) to ship it to the motherboard manufacturer for them (the motherboard manufacturer) to replace the deffective chipset. The shipping cost alone is staggering. Intel will be responsible in covering the shipping cost as well as to pay the motherboard manufacturer doing the repair (replacement) of the deffective chipset.


                              I didn't see any changes in intel's Sandy Bridge's roadmap. So expect by fall that the hexagonal core Sandy Bridge core processor will be released. It will then be followed by the octagonal core Sandy Bridge core processor by year's end or perhaps early next year. So what will happen to the second generation Sandy Bridge core processor? For PC enthusiasts out there, don't expect the high end Sandy Bridge motherboards to come rolling at full speed this April (only the mid end ones) as it would be impossible. It didn't even happened last month when the 2nd generation Sandy Bridge core processor line up first came out. By the time you got to hold of what you think is the high end Sandy Bridge motherboard for the 2nd generation Sandy Bridge core processor, it's no longer cutting edge as AMD's Bulldozer core processor is out as well as the hexagonal core Sandy Bridge core processor.


                              Intel really fuc--- up the whole situation. I think the best route if you wanna start now or later this year is to go with AMD. Buying a Sandy Bridge CPU now (which you can't use as there's no motherboard that you can use with it) & use it later (by April or by summer end) doesn't make any sense.


                              We been lied upon by Intel for sure.

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                                Intel could just have made a PCIe SATA controller & provide it free of charge to those with deffective chipset.

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                                  I'm interested in procuring a faulty DP67BG board, but I'd like to run three hard drives - one SSD on a sata 3.0 port and then a raid configuration with two conventional drives.  Since there are only two sata 3.0 ports on this board, can I add a Sata 3.0 PCI card and run the SSD off of that in tandem with the native sata ports?  Is there such a thing as a sata 3.0 port multiplier? If so would that be better than adding a sata PCI card?


                                  What kind of configuration would you use to run three drives and avoid the faulty sata 2.0 ports?

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                                    Intel admitting that their chipset is faulty in not the right word. Intel is bound by law to disclose any faulty components made & to replace those faulty ones already in circulation. Don't make it sound like Intel is doing us a big favor when actually it's not.

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