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        This may seem off topic but I need to know this to form my related question.  I want to have 3 drives, my boot Intel SSD and then 2 x 2GB RAID (1 mirroring).  Would there be any difference in the "compatability" of these RAID drives between going with the Intel RST AHCI drivers (in the future when they're released) and the  Microsoft AHCI drivers?  What I mean by that is, let's say in the future I buy a new rig with a non Intel chipset.  Does that mean that if I used the Intel drivers I wouldn't be able to access the data on my mirrored drives?  Basically I just want these drives formatted in NTFS and be completely / universally compatable in Windows (e.g. another hypothetical situation: take one of the drives out of the array and just pop it in an enclosure and hook it up to any Windows system and have it be readable/writable).

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          @ lostipod:

          You will be able to manage your SSD and the RAIDed hdd's with the Intel MSM or RST drivers as long as all drives are connected to Intel SATA ports. Since your SSD is not within the RAID, you can use the Optimizer of the upcoming SSD Toolbox.

          As soon as you put your drives into a new system without an Intel Southbridge chip, you will need to use other AHCI/RAID drivers, which do support the SATA Controllers, where the drives are connected. The problem is not the transfer of the SSD datas, but the transfer of the Intel RAID datas, because you have to break the Intel RAID and create another one.

          Regarding the Trim support of your Intel Postville SSD you will have the best chances with your current system, because I expect, that Intel will present RST drivers in the near future, which do pass the Trim command. If I am right, you will not even need to run the SSD Toolbox.

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            Firstly, thanks again.  Since I plan on using RAID 1 and formatting with NTFS, would that not mean that even if I took the drive out of the Intel RAID it would still be universally readable/writable in Windows?  Any other RAID spans the data across multiple drives, but as I understand it RAID 1 just writes the same thing to 2 drives instead of 1.  Second quesstion, if I did get a non Intel chipset, could I recreate the RAID 1 array under the other chipset without erasing/formatting these drives (the drives would be the same model/capacity (2GB) with exactly the same data on it).  I hope so because otherwise where would the 2TB of data go while I put the two drives in the new RAID array?  Would suck to have to buy another 2TB drive just for that temporary purpose.  I guess if that were the case I could just do a Windows software RAID right?  Performance would be slower but it doesn't matter as the 2TB drives are just a storage facility, any files in use could always be put on the C drive temporarily.

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              @ lostipod:

              You probably will be able to get the RAID1 array transferred to another system without losing your data, but nevertheless you should do a backup before you try it, because a RAID transfer is always risky, even with a RAID1 array.

              Some side notes:

              1. I cannot imagine any reason why an owner of an actual Intel chipset mainboard and an Intel Postville SSD should think about buying a new mainboard with a non-Intel chipset.

              2. Your additional questions were really off-topic.

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                why doesn't intel make a intel ahci drvr with native trim support for the intel postvile,for their own intel chipsets :?

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                  Can someone help me out with some Trim information.


                  My board is a XFX 790i Ultra SLI that has a Nvidia chipset. I'm not using and didn't installed any Nvidia chipset drivers cause I would run into issues with the SSD, as Nvidia drivers were not meant to be used with SSD. Nvidia no longer produces chipsets. 

                  So, I've only installed the Microsoft drivers that came with Windows 7 Home Premium X64 (brazilian version). I'm using the IDE/ATAPi drivers,   Microsoft Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller. Those are the drivers that I'm using for the SSD and my secondary hard disks.  I've read a lot about SSD before installing it and I was aware not to se any Nvidia driivers. So, I guess I'm in the right foot.


                  So, Do I still need to use Intel Tool Box using Windows 7 with dual channel PCI IDE controllers???  I'm not using the Microsoft Matrix drivers, the ones that should not implement Trim functionality.  I'm not sure if my Nvidia board has AHCI support,  but when I look at my storage controllers, I see one  Standard AHCI 1.0 serial ATA controller and and 4 Standard Dual Channel PCI-IDE controllers.

                  I'm not sure if these drivers are the ones that implement Trim functinality within Windows 7??  Also, I'm not sure if my board supports AHCI either.  Are we using the same Microsoft drivers, do we still need to run Intel Tool Box??


                  BTW, yesterday I've run the Intel Tool Box optimizer for the 1st time. It took only a few seconds to run the optimizer and after that it was all green!!!!!  I guess no problem at all running Trim. But I would like to know If I still need to run Intel Tool Box manually or If Windows 7 will do this automatic for me??

                  How do we know Win 7 is "trimming" , do we see a message saying Trim under progress or stuff like that??? At least with Intel Tool Box we see the Trim process.


                  I have the Intel G2 160GB SSD , using 02HD firmware and  Intel Tool Box  version 1.3.


                  The picture shows the drivers I'm currently using with Win 7 x64.

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                    I've had intel 160GB G2 for 5 months now. Its in a G73JH. When I first got i I updated the system uncluding the SSD to the O2HD. I read about MSM and RST it originally came in MSM but that didn't do anything for trimming. I waited for weeks to see if it done anything using perfectdisk analyze. I tried out the default window 7 regular msachp whatever it is spelled. For few weeks to see if it trims nothing. I tried out the RST  that didn't work either. I checked the command prompt to see if trim was working. It say it does I tried using the toolbox recently 1.3 and it states "Cannot run the Intel SSD optimizer on raid configurations. Optimizes Intel 34nm sd including trim functionality. Latest firmware must be installed for this tool to function. Please note this tool will not work with 50nm ntel ssds" I read the document it states My system wouldn't allow it because it is  my system is set as AHCI and the Native OS support. Intel toolbox isnt required. I checke the bios and it is on AHCI. I made sure several times looked at it. I dont know where to look now...I just want to know if I could just get trim to work.

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                      ¿como se puede activar el optimizer?

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                        Mi pagina Principal no esta activado el optimizer. Y como le puedo activar?

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