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    ICH9R Raid5 malfunction?


      Hi all.


      I am experiencing the following strange problem:


      I have an ASUS board with Intel X38 chipset and ICH9R controller. I have a RAID5 configuration with 3 1TB drives

      (data only, the OS - XP SP3 - is on a different drive). I have added a fourth identical drive and used the Matrix

      Storage Console to add the entire drive to the RAID5 volume (migration). That went smoothly, and was asked

      to reboot. Again no problem there. However, the entire volume has disappeared from Explorer (there were two partitions

      with corresponding drive letters on it),  but does appear in Matrix Storage Console (status Normal).

      At this point, I performed a Verify Volume Data, that again went smoothly but did not solve the problem.


      I have performed a full backup, so I have not lost any data. Any suggestions?