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    DP55KG full speed at all fans




      my DP55KG Bios Rev 5893 with i7-860 suddenly speeds up all fans to the maximum when Windows 7 is idleing.

      As suggested here in the forum i can return to normal operation when i cycle through

      energy save mode and back, atfter that fans are at resonable speeds again.


      At the same time IDCC is reporting 99 degrees for the CPU and Speedfan reports

      -128 for CPU temperature, while in idle mode, both is wrong and confusing.


      Please give a hint to avoid this situation.




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          I have been experiencing very similar problems


          I have DP55SB motherboard, Core i7-860, Win7 Professional 64 bit, the latest BIOS 5893 (previous version 5531 had the same problems)

          Once in a while, my system after power up gets hot. IDDC shows CPU temp 99 deg C, full speed at all fans.

          According to: Real Temp 3.60, CPU-Z 1.56, Core Temp 0.99.8 and SpeedFan 4.42 all Core temps run fairly normal 38 to 45 deg C. Clock speed = 3.2 GHZ (multiplier 24).

          When I put the system  to "Sleep" and  then immediately back to "Run" all returns to normal i.e. IDCC shows CPU temp 53 deg C



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            is there any news about the "Full Speed at all Fans" problem with the DP55KG ?


            If not, i would change the board to something other ....


            Hints are welcome .....

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              Is this the same issue you are seeing, or is it something different?






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                the issue is just as i describe in the first post.  DP55KG, latest bios, 2 * 3pin Fans. Suddenly during normal work  like browsing the web or reading email

                all fans are at full speed, going to standby and back returns to normal operation. Sometimes the fans are at all speed from poweron.

                I would like to solve this behavior otherwise i will go to another brand and return it to the dealer since the board also have major noise on the mic input port.


                Hints are welcome.



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                  This is not something we have had other reports on, would one or all of you be will to run the System Information Utility and PM me the reference number?