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    DH55TC/Core i3 550 - Hard drives magically disappeared (temporarily)


      Hey everyone,


      I put together a system over Christmas with the following:


      Intel DH55TC Motherboard (was running a bios from 2010-06-14, updated to 2010-10-18 after problem)

      Intel Core i3 550 CPU (not overclocked)

      Mushkin DDR3 1333Mhz 8GB (2x4GB)

      Crucial C300 SSD 64GB

      Seagate 1TB SATA HDD

      Seasonic 380 watt PSU

      Hauppauge 2250 capture card

      Asus SATA DVDRW

      Antec Remote Fusion Case (front panel LCD not hooked up)

      Windows 7 64 bit


      The machine appeared to be working fine until today when I noticed that BeyondTV reported an error recording.  When I looked at "My Computer", I noticed that my 1TB Seagate drive just stopped appearing.  Very confused, I decided to reboot the machine.


      The machine stayed on the BIOS screen for a while, and then attempted to boot via PXE and failed due to their being no media.


      I rebooted again and looked at the system information for the drives, and it said that no drives were attached to SATA 1 or 3 (the SSD and Seagate, respectively).


      Now I'm starting to freak out.  I shut down, changed the SSD from SATA 1 to SATA 4, and the machine boots fine.  I shut it down, plugged it back into SATA 1, and saw a brief issue displayed just before booting that had to do with some Intel table error.  Unfortunately, it was too fast to really see the whole thing.


      I rebooted again hoping to see the error message, which was still too quick.  On the final reboot, the error message stopped displaying.


      I updated the BIOS thinking perhaps it was a motherboard bug.  The update went fine, and so far I haven't had a failure or seen an error.


      EDIT: the drives are not in AHCI mode


      Any idea what could be causing this?