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    P4 processor upgrade

      Machine: HP zd8181ea (notebook with desktop processor!)

      Current processor:  Pentium 4 HT 540 (Prescott) 3.2 GHz, L2 1 MB, 84 W, LGA 775 (correction 640 not 540)


      Question: As my processor has quite a high power consumption for a notebook (battery only lasts about an hour) I wondered if I could change it for something else. Looking at the Wikipedia entry for the P4, I notice that a Cedar Mill processor was produced a year or two later. Designated 641, 651 and 661, these have D0 versions with 65 W consumption, 2 MB L2, and LGA 775. Can I do I direct swap between a 540 and a 641 D0 (say) without having to change anything else?




      CORRECTION: I've just run Piriform Speccy and the processor is a 640 (Prescott 2M) - 3.2 GHz, 2 MB L2, so the only advantage to going to a 641 is the lower power consumption; may then consider a 651 or 661 for more speed. Still need an answer to my question though.


      Motherboard is Quanta 3082.

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          Your best bet is to Go to HP Partsurfer. and see what optinal processors were sold with your note book Thats what I did and moved form a T5200- to- a T7200. Perfect swap. No problems windows picked up on it right awat installed the right driver , everythings good now.

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            Thanks for the reply. I have had a look at Partsurfer for other bits.


            Reviewing the list for the Processor shows that the 640 I have is the best processor mentioned. I think because the 641/651/661 came out about a year after mine (the D0's have N/A for date, so may be later) they are not mentioned for my computer. So, I'm hoping that someone with some technical knowledge of these processors can tell me they are compatible. To my semi-trained eye, the specs appear very similar, except for the lower power of the 6x1's. As voltages are very similar (1.2-1.4 V vs. 1.2 to 1.325 V) I'm hoping that isn't an issue, and that the system will recognise the new processor. I need a pretty definite answer as it will take quite a bit of disassembly to get at the processor, and I don't want to have to do the job more than once.


            My follow up question, once this is resolved, involves the buying of a used processor off ebay, and what to look out for.