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    Tech Tips: How to protect your handheld device or laptop from water damage


      A TV ads shows a woman seated at a local coffee shop, surfing the web on her laptop for a last-second gift. A passer-by bumps the table and knocks the woman's hot coffee onto the computer.


      If this has ever happened to you, you probably think it's time to buy a new handheld or computer.


      Not so fast, While no computer or handheld is impervious to water or other liquids, you might be able to bring your workhorse device back from near-death in a few easy steps. It will take you about a day or so, but it could be worth the effort.


      Here's what to do after a liquid-based accident invovling your handheld or laptop.


      Do you have similar experience to share? How did you save your water soaked cell phone or electronic gadgets last time?