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    Shutdown problem on a DH57JG


      I recently made a new computer build but i have some strange shutdown issue.


      When i shut the computer down( in Win7 and ubuntu), the OS shuts down correctly, the hard drives spins down but...
      I get a black screen but i can still hear the case vents and cpu vent running.


      I see the shutdown sequence. indefenetly Last lign is something about successfully terminated


      There is also a green light on the motherboard burning.

      I have to press the power key for 5seconds before it complete shuts down.
      The pc never seems to shutdown. I tried an other psu but same result. Restarting isn't an issue

      Problem 2 (not so important)
      The bios doesn't show cpu temperatures,
      I've seen it once during first boot only.
      In win 7 I can run RealTemp and there it shows the cpu tempreatures (20°C idle, 40°C stress test).

      Any ideas?


      my specs:

      Intel® Desktop Board DH57JG
      Bios: latest bios (was allready installed) JGIBX10J.86A.0537.2010.0518.0132
      cpu: intel core i3 530
      Ram: Kingston ValueRAM KVR1333D3N9/2G
      psu: Nexus Value 430
      case: Zalman HD503
      OS: Windows 7 64bit & Ubuntu 10.10