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    System hangs forever on AHCI bios, but then loads OS.  Need help....


      I just upgraded my Dell XPS 410 system.  I have been using the onboard RAID controller, but just configured two new 1Tb drives as a RAID1.  The system runs through the Dell bios, and loads the SATA AHCI bios.  The screen displays all of the SATA devices, and then hangs for a couple of minutes.  It then displays the RAID volume and included devices.  Then it loads Win7x64.  Everything is working fine.  Is there anything I can do to speed up the boot process?  Can I disable the AHCI in the system bios?  I have the Intel storage manager loaded in Windows7, and it works as designed.  Will it stop working if I disable the AHCI in the bios?  What to do?