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    RAID 10 Recovery on S5000PSL


      I have had a problem with the hot-swap caddy on my server. As a result a number of disks appeared to be absent . I have fixed this (by temporarily removing all the disks and rewiring them directly to the server). Unfortunately, (probably because I rebooted lots of time trying to diagnose and fix the problem), the RAID controller has forgotten about a RAID10 array.


      My setup is (or rather was):

      RAID1: PD 0,1

      RAID10: PD2-5

      The Raid 1 Array appears to be OK.


      Is there a safe, relieble way to recreate the RAID10 array, without data loss?


      If I go to the BIOS Configuration menu and add an array, will it use the existing data or will it insist on wiping the disks?


      Many thanks for any help.