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    BIOS flash failed on ProBook 4710s (PM45 Express Chipset ICH9M-Enhanced)




      Few days ago I updated BIOS from windows to F.17 version, but the problem was that the notebook started to work slower than before. (it wasn't Windows, because I tried to kill all proccesses and most of the services and it didn't help).

      So I've decided to flash BIOS to F.15 version, I've updated BIOS and restarted (from boot CD). Notebook restarted two times with a blank screen, but the second time it stayed blank and Capslock was blinking all the time.

      And now I have a notebook with one blinking LED!!!!! nice....

      BIOS update was downloaded from HP and the update didn't show any problems.


      As I found out I have to press some key combination to run crisis recovery, something like Win+B, Func+B, Func+Esc or Win+Esc. But all these key combinations doesn't do anything!

      It should run crisis recovery and than it should check USB stick for new bios, which is in the USB stick under a certain name (which I don't know, but I think it's 68PZI.BIN).

      And another questions is which BIOS does this chipset have??? Phoenix?


      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!