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    Rackable System CEO Blog: "A Solid State of the Union"


      Check out this interesting blog from Mark Barrenechea, President and CEO of Rackable Systems: http://ceoblog.rackable.com/


      What are your thoughts on SSD in the Enterprise Datacenter?

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          I've tested these things since early development versions, and I have to say that they have come a long way.  The raw performance gains are simply amazing.  But, being a system performance geek at heart, I still question... what happens when you remove or significantly reduce a bottleneck?

          Answer: The bottleneck moves.


          With SSD's, we don't need to worry much about HDD seek times any longer.  I wonder what the next largest bottleneck is...  Is SATA the right protocol to keep SSD's on?  What about SAS, or Fibre Channel, or LAN?  Do any of these buy us something better for servers?