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    Sound not working for rear jacks on DP35DP


      So I've had the Intel main board DP35DP for a few years now and I've ALWAYS had trouble with it, but I want to just focus on the sound now. I've upgraded to Windows 7 and I cannot get the sound to work from the rear jacks (front jacks are fine).


      After formatting, and then installing Windows 7, I installed the drivers that came with my Intel board DP35DP, but couldn't get the sound working, even though it said it had installed correctly (some of the other elements failed to install). So then I downloaded and installed the latest Chipset drivers (INF_allOS_9.1.2.1008_PV), but still only front jacks would work.


      I ran the Audio Wizard on the Intel website (in fact, several times) so I've followed all the steps including checking the BIOS, but no luck. I have also upgraded the BIOS to the latest version (0572) and then I was hearing the test chimes working on speakers connected to my rear jacks! My joy was short lived as when I tried to play music from Winamp the sound wouldn't come out.


      So I installed the latest Chipset drivers (INF_allOS_9.1.2.1008_PV) again, but now I can't even get the test chimes to sound from the rear jacks.


      Oh, and my sound is SigmaTel. Is it a dreaded name for some? For me it is. >:( The SigmaTel interface is all messed up also. I've uploaded some screenshots to show what I mean.


      Screenshot 01 - This is me using Windows 7, as you can see, and I'm launching the SigmaTel interface...


      Screenshot 02 - For some reason it ALWAYS goes to the second tab first. In addition these tick boxes can never be unticked! If I untick them, go to the first tab, and retrun to this one, they are ticked again!


      Screenshot 03 - When I go to the first tab, the Side Speakers option opens as though I've clicked it, but I didn't. :/


      Screenshot 04 - If I click on Device Connected : Side Speakers, the yellow question mark turns to a green tick. However, I just want the green jack on my rear panel working, and that is ALL I have plugged in!


      Oh, and Screenshot 05 is just to show where I've been doing the Test chime thingy...


      I'm totally lost and frustrated and I hope someone can save my sorry soul from this musicless void I've fallen into!

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          Does the front panel audio work? if so i would be tempted to  to cut your losses and use that.

          Have you tried ona  frsh install installing the vista audio driver for the motherboard?

          What about teh generic windows dirver? does that work?

          You could also try a generic idt/sigmatel driver  if you cna find one or from another company.

          The problem is that win7 isn't officially supported as such on this board so intel never released a driver.

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            Hi there and thanks for the fast reply!


            Yup, front panel jacks work, and yes, I considered cutting my losses and just using those, but I want to persist to see if I can get the rear working.


            I haven't tried the Vista drivers, I wasn't even aware of them. Are these the ones you are referring to (thread and download link)?


            I've tried the generic Window drivers to no avail, but I haven't tried the IDT / SigmaTel drivers. Where might I find those?


            I've had so much woe with this mobo that I'm even tempted to buy a brand new one...