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    I-7 960 temperatures normal ?


      I just built a new computer with intel i-7 960 and my idle temps are weird to me. Im idling around 51-57c on all 4 cores. I got a coolit systems eco liquid cooling and still idling 51-57. with a rampage III extreme mobo. I didnt put to much thermal compound because it came pre-applied. With this type of cooling people are saying there idling 32c and at full load 42-50c. I just dont understand why im idling so warm. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I got 2 broken fans in my alienware case, and will fix those.

      Help please.

      Thanks for reading.


      System specs:

      Coolit systems eco r-120 liquid cooling

      Nivida 8800 gtx x2 sli enabled

      ThermalTake 1200w power supply

      asus rampage 3 extreme mobo

      Intel i-7 960 quad core ( no OC)

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          Not sure where you’re getting those numbers but the benchmark review (using an I7 920) saw 73 max load with stock radiator fan. 58 with good replacement fan.  Most of the low temp reviews (like on Newegg) are with the 65W Q cores.  Not the (95-125W+ I7).  Also make sure you install the latest Intel chip set drivers and turn on power management both in windows and your BIOS.  With my I7 on a WS-Supercomputer with the default BIOS and XP settings it idled at 65C reached 80C max-load (stock Intel heat sink).  After all the enabling the power management features and installing Intel chipset 9.1 it idles at 33C (~44 during normal use) (still reaches 80C at max load).

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            Thats a real good suggestion, i got one question though. Will enabling power management effect performance when gaming, ect.. ?

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              Theoretically games that are older then 6 years old “may” suffer some performance hit but as the game was meant for hardware slower then your system low power state it should not be noticeable.


              You stated your system is and ASUS rampage.  If I remember right that supports ASUS EPU.  EPU has a two click power management disable capability if you do run into a game having an issue to easily disable power management. I would think your 8800s would be your first gaming bottle neck to address.