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    Unreliabile of Serial Over LAN (SOL) on SR1630HGP BMC 1.19




      I've been experimenting with the SOL facility of the BMC (version 1.19) on my SR1630HGP servers. My main goal is to have side-band access for being able to occasionally upgrade the operating system from single user mode.


      Now, I correctly see all messages from BIOS startup to login prompt. I can also login and control the shell for a while. However, pretty deterministically at every session, if I get some "traffic" on the console after a while (actually after just a few hundred lines) I lose it: nothing is printed anymore on screen and the system receives nothing from keyboard.

      One example of "traffic" is "make installworld" (prints one line for each installed binary on the system). Another simple test case is "find / -print". This happens irrespective of the console speed. I tried 115200 as well as 9600, same behavior.


      When I try attaching a serial cable, the console behaves fine. Also, if I start "find / -print" from serial cable, then attach from the BMC, the console also gets frozen after a short while. So this definitely seems a BMC problem.


      Is this a known behavior? Any advice for further investigation?


      Essentially, with the current behavior I cannot count on the SOL facility for side band management, as any activity can be "lost" in the middle of operations.