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    Speed up of rebuild?

      Hi experts


      Since the rebuild of my RAID 5 takes already 20 hours (for the 4th time), I had a lot of time to surf the internet on this. My main question is: can I somehow help the ICH10R to rebuild the raid array quicker. I couldn't find anything promising


      I have an:

      Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4

      Intel I7 860 (running on 2%) with 4GB mem

      6x Samsung HD642JJ on the ICH10R in

            Raid 0 - 1,2TB

            Raid 5 - 2TB (containing the OS)

      1x Samsung F1 1TB on another chipset and loads of extra HDD's that I can connect via eSATA

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Intel Storage Manager 8.9


      During the rebuild my RAID array has a thru put of 1.7MB/s (while a single HHD should reach approx 90 MB/s). So the system is useless for 20 hours per rebuild and I have nothing better to do then wait for the rebuild to finish. Can the 98% of my simulated 8 core I7 be of assistance in the rebuild.