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    DG35EC dead


      My PC was running and suddenly screen goes blank and Motherboard was dead.I sent for replacement in warranty.I received back a Motherboard after few days.Board i received have some components missing near Pci slot.it seems that these parts are related to Audio section and PCB is burnt in that area.I am afraid to use this board.Is this a way of service by Multinational COMPANY.Service was given by Redington , Chandigarh, India.This center have no working email.no one picks up phone.What is response of other members.Buy new board of other brand.

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          7 months passed no one dare to answer.By the way I got new MB from INTEL for free. but I am using other brand board from last 7 months.Thanks 1501 viewers of this post.

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            Just saw this post for the first time. Clearly you eventually managed to get in touch with Intel - which is what should should have worked towards as soon as you realised there was a problem with your original board. It sounds like your supplier's quality control was far from ideal for them to send you a replacement board which was also defective (and noticably so). I guess the reason why people haven't replied could be because they didn't have your model of board or they knew it wasn't something they themselves could fix - a fried board must be replaced.


            Glad it's now sorted and hope you get around to using your new Intel board (or selling it on to help get back the cost of the 3rd party one you bought) one day!

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              Intel Technical support representative are hopeless.First they said my original board  was physically damaged then they said it was burnt after that they said dealer has changed the board.my point was simple If my board was "physically damaged or burnt they should return my original " and I recieved replacement board seal packed and all in out serial numbers ok.Only after I told them to return my original board or I will move to consumer protection court, they send new board.