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        I'm still getting from time to time the "Adapter not found" icon when I turn on the PC.

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          In the ICON tray Right Click Intel My WiFi Technology -> Open Intel My Wifi utility. Then click on Options on Top right corner -> Check "Automatically enable Intel My Wifi technology on system startup"

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            Joe:  I was trying to wait out some kind of release of official new drivers from intel or Dell (for my laptop) but today I gave up and decided to try the drivers that you had used.  Unfortunately, the files have expired from WeTransfer.  Is there any alternative that you know of?

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              I have been vexed since April with this issue.  On top of this adapter not found problem I also found myself with a 6200 that was prone to overheating.  It would simply stop working and the wireless event viewr would report a thermal threshold was reached.  I have been using the latest Intel drivers and all before and my file copy speed is terrible.  I was really beginning to think Intel really blew it with the hardware design on these cards but this thread has my hopes up htat the "Blue" manufacturers will post an official patch.  Since we all know how long that may take, can someone please be a mensch and post the files to skydrive or somewhere accessable??  The weshare has expired guess the ttl was short and the route long.



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                I have the same problem, i purchased a clevo W880CU Clevo laptop


                I can't get my wifi ultimate n 6300 to enable the radio.  I installed the driver from clevo website then i tried installing about 4 different revisions of the software from intel but its a no go.  The device manager shows the 6300 installed with no problems, but when i run the wifi utility it says no supported intel wireless adapter was found.  My laptop has no hardware switch to turn on or off the radio.  I use fn f11 on this laptop.  But no matter what it doesn't work.  the Card worked for about a week before it quit working, I have tried to do a system restore but windows incorrectly says it cannot proceed perhaps anti virus is stopping it from working but i have no antivirus enabled.  I am very frustrated by this intel adapter not working and i would love to try out the drivers listed on the bit.ly link but its expired.


                Intel please help me!



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                  maybe your wifi card is defective already. contact clevo while the laptop still has its warranty.

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                    Actually in desperation i have done just that.  The card was returned this week, I will let everyone know if its a defective card.  I am skeptical as in my entire 10 year IT career I have never seen a laptop network card go bad but obviously it could happen.  In this case i hope thats it because even though seven is much easier to install i am not looking forward to 3 hours of reinstalling it plus my apps

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                      Update, Pro-Star has excellent customer service i got the card back today, sadly the card exhibits the same symptoms.  Device center shows it as good and functioning, the wireless radio 'on' light is lit on my pc but the computer treats the card like the hardware radio is off.  I would like to try the new drivers listed in this thread can an intel rep please pm me, I am not a tech newblet so it wouldn't take a ton of extra time for me to try them and give a quick thumbs up thumbs down.



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                        Can you please repost the intel drivers?


                        Intel: When are you going to post the updated drivers for everyone.  This is not only a toshiba problem.

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                          Ok with most driver problems a reinstall of Windows Seven Ultimate 64 Bit Solved my problem BUTTTT Here is the wackieness that unfolded intel:


                          Step 1 reinstalled Windows 7 without a format so i could just copy paste my files back over

                          Step 2 After booting the fresh install i ran the setup program for the drivers that came with my pc

                          when i installed it the installer itself hung on 0 percent progress and i was forced to end task.

                          Step 3 Reboot

                          Then i tried to just hit the udpate browser button in device manager and i browsed to the driver folder that had the drivers, again a computer freeze that required a reboot

                          Step 4 Reboot

                          Step 5 i ran the DPinst64 application that was with the S64\Drivers Folder



                          ....Great Success....


                          I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be the normal way to get it done.  Thats my debug contribution for the world Go with God my friends.

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                            I found the new drivers for Intel Centrino versioned and also updated the MyWifi Technology to the version released on 07/2010.  Rebooted the machine and but no luck.  I continue to get the wireless adapter no found message.  My laptop is only a month old so there have not been many changes that have made to it.  Am I missing any steps here?  For the people that were able to getting it working is there anything else besides updating the device drivers?

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                              HERE'S THE ANSWER: I read the reply posts to this thread and tried many of them, but none of the suggestions worked.  I brought it back to BEST BUY and even the head tech guy couldn't figure it out.  So, he suggested I clean the system.  I backed up anything important I had on my laptop and then created the recovery discs.  I then shut the computer off.  I restarted the computer and kept pressing F8.  The first choice is to do a system repair, which I clicked.  Then I clicked on the Recovery Wizard and then just kept pressing NEXT.  This restored my computer to the factory default.  THIS FIXED THE PROBLEM!  Of course, I had to set up my computer again, but it's the only thing that fixed this problem.  BEWARE OF THE UPDATES!  THIS IS WHAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH.  DO NOT DO AUTOMATIC UPDATE DOWNLOADS.  Examine the updates before you download.  I hope this helps!

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                                As an update, my WiDi / Intel Wireless Display are still working perfectly after installing the updated drivers previously posted by Joe - and all my windows updates are current and set to update automatically.  As an additional update, DELL never did return my calls after repeated promises and several escalations - and having Level 1, 2 and 3 techs remotely working on my laptop.  As previously stated, I like DELL's products - but their customer service is totally lacking in the service part.

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                                  Update from me as well - mine is also still working after applying the drivers (thanks again Joe), though I refuse to let Toshiba or Microsoft do any updates without 1) a full backup prior to applying 2) applying one at a time and 3) a full test afterwards... and I don't have the time or storage to do that so I'm running without updates for the forseeable future.  Anyone remember the day you couldn't sell something that didn't work, and then shrug off those who come back to complain?

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                                    Please go to http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Default.aspx and download Intel® PROSet/Wireless Basic Enterprise Software for Windows 7* version 13.3.0. This version has a fix for the Intel® Wireless Display issue cause by a Windows* software update.





                                    Intel Customer Support

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